PÜRBLACK | LIVE | RESIN !!!!! NATURAL!!! Heal Injuries! Prevent Injuries! Improve Performance! 3-4 TIMES FASTER BONE & TISSUE REGENERATION!!! Find out How & Why HERE ! >> purblack.com

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PÜRBLACK | LIVE | RESIN !!!!! NATURAL!!! Heal Injuries! Prevent Injuries! Improve Performance! Used and trusted for 1000s of years!! Find out How & Why HERE ! >> purblack.com (shilajit / mumie)


• 3-4 faster regeneration of healthy bone tissue
• 3-4 faster regeneration of healthy structural tissue
• Improved regeneration and nourishment of organ tissue
• Up to 2.2 stronger regeneration of healthy tissue
Accelerated and improved regeneration of healthy tissue is probably the top benefit of Pürblack. Traditionally, Ayurvedic practitioners were the first ones to use the resin as a tool to “rebuild” a human body in a healthy way. The scientist who took it to the next level was the Soviet Dr. Adil Shakirov, who while researching applications of mineral pitch, demonstrated and proved its efficacy for building healthy bone tissue. Later research demonstrated that the effect of the resin is not limited to the bone tissue only.

Pürblack will benefit anybody who needs to build healthy tissue faster, better and stronger without loss of time and other resources. This includes bones, muscles, tendons and organs.


Shilajit Live Resin® by Pürblack™ assists your body in reaching its maximum potential. Pürblack™ outperforms all conventionally made Shilajit and Mumie resins in quality and efficacy.


According to research, 1 in 4 men has low levels of testosterone, a condition that becomes increasingly common with age [1]. Research has found that high-quality shilajit, also referred to as mineral pitch, mumie, or salajeet, not only naturally boosts testosterone levels, but has some additional health benefits. Unfortunately, many products on the market that call themselves shilajit are simply imitation products that have been manufactured in environments that can not even call themselves labs.

The following takes an in-depth look at genuine shilajit, including how it works, who can benefit from using it, and further benefits associated with its use, as well as why it is important that you stay away from imitations.

What is Shilajit?

Used for centuries as a tonic, shilajit is an “herbal” substance that is composed of organic plant material that is believed to have been compressed by rocks in the Caucasus, Siberia and Himalayan Mountains for years. True shilajit can only be collected from cracks in the cliffs and rocks. After collection, legitimate manufacturers, such as Pürblack Live Resin, is naturally purified, concentrated and made into a potent shilajit extract. Pürblack uses a patent pending process. Our resin is purer and higher efficacy than any highest quality traditional shilajit or mumie ever created.


Shilajit innately has potent energy boosting effects. Pürblack is your adrenal glands’ best friend. It indirectly combats fatigue by subversively freeing you of poor lifestyle habits, such as drinking coffee or espresso every day. At first, you will notice a potentiation of the caffeine to borderline uncomfortable levels., which ultimately leads to a realization. You now have so much default energy that it doesn’t make any sense to overclock your body with stimulants. Additionally, when you take Pürblack alongside your regular diet, assimilation of nutrition will increase exponentially. The result; even more life giving compounds to wage war on CFS. As the continued consumption of shilajit increases your intellectual capacity more & more, you may find yourself adopting yogic & meditative practices. These only serve to reduce stress levels even further, strengthen the body & eliminate the causes of exhaustion. It is clear how all those things work together to generate benevolent cycles of health. When embarking on your journey out of tiredness & into the light, use only the highest quality shilajit. Pürblack is the only company that has developed the proprietary cold-process technology that creates a more efficacious & potent resin than any other shilajit in Earth’s long history. What good timing, as we need more help now than ever!


• Improved performance without a burnout
• Mental and physical performance
• Optimized performance for various body systems

Mineral pitch resin had traditionally been valued for overall health supporting and performance enhancing benefits. It was always used as a functional supplement promoting subtle energy production in the body. Mineral pitch is considered a natural, nonspecific biogenic stimulator of a metabolic process. Pürblack being an elite mineral pitch resin exceeds performance-enhancing properties of all genuine Shilajit and Mumie Resins.

Our resin shows a pronounced adaptogenic effect on the body. One notices and overall performance enhancement without an eventual side effect of feeling “burnt out”. This is what makes Pürblack very different from stimulants like caffeine, high doses of B vitamins and synthetic performance enhancers. Our resin “builds” the body while gently optimizing its performance levels.

Most people notice not a rush, but a very subtle and mild improvement of stamina and mental performance, which comes from various body systems. Pürblack is generally used by people who are careful about using stimulants and understand that improved performance should not put an unnecessary stress on the body. Our resin is used for better performance at work, sports and situations arising from an urban lifestyle.


Pürblack is a genuine and elite mineral pitch resin, which greatly exceeds any traditional and authentic Shilajit, Moomiyo and Salajeet Resins in quality, range of effect and effectiveness. Our resin is as close to its highest potency natural state as a purified resin can be.





You probably already read our previous article that described the connection between yoga, ayurveda and shilajit. If you did not, you can read” “Yogis take shilajit, super-yogis take Pürblack” by clicking this link. If the previous one was somewhat general explaining the connection and how our Live resin qualifies as a Sattvic substance, in this post we focus on concrete yogic benefits.

Now are these benefits really secret? The answer is yes and no. Here we’ll talk about things that most super yogis will not share with you publicly and will never admit to. We’ll also explain how what they do differently allows for a better, stronger, practice body and mind.

Secret #1. They know more, and they’ll use it to their benefit. Super yogis, who seem to enjoy better health, stability and practice are regular people. Even though their bodies and brains are the same as everybody else, their mind and knowledge are different. They know how to do less yoga and smarter; they have radically different views on life and practice, and they clearly take very different substances to support themselves. The aristocracy of Yoga takes Pürblack Live resin exactly for this reason. They are aware what to take to transform in who they are.

Secret # 2. They stay on the path of yoga due to the developed immunity to the fluctuations of the mind. There are multiple definitions of what yoga is. Some definitions are more spiritual than the other ones. Yoga described often as a yoke between the mind and the body, as a union between the mind and the body and the removal of the fluctuations of the mind. The latter comes from yoga sutras by Patanjali. All these definitions are hard to understand to a modern person as they were coined thousands of years ago in a culture foreign to the modern Western world. One can nevertheless relate to them. A fluctuation of the mind is a distraction to any conscious and focused cognitive or mental process required to complete a task or an objective.

As Westerners, we do think in terms of goals and tasks. Willpower, cognitive functions, memory, thought processes are all governed by our brain and health of our bodies. It is impossible to maintain a healthy brain-body function without a routine of substances supporting such health. Pürblack comes handy in this case. It is an outstanding nootropic that significantly improves how the brain functions. It is safe, natural and has no side effects. (Author’s note: nootropics are intelligence enhancers. They can be synthetic as well as natural. Pürblack falls into the category of natural ones). There are multiple herbs used along the way such as Gotu Cola and Holy Basil. As a result, the yogi taking Pürblack is always calmer and more focused in their daily life and practice.

Secret #3. They put in less effort and get more results. You will probably ask: How is this even possible? There are two aspects to this. The first one is, of course, THE SKILL. Years of experience and practice trial and error do the job. On the other hand, it is the Sattvic foods and ayurvedic practices. In the previous blog post, we wrote about Shilajit being a supreme healing substance in Ayurveda and eastern European holistic medicine. The yogis achieve to results simultaneously, by using the best available shilajit with appropriate high-quality herbs.

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