Lions Fans Reach 110 Decibels Singing & Winning The Microsoft Hole In The World Challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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On Saturday 27 June, Microsoft brought a great sporting rivalry to a bitter end when rugby legend and ex-Wallaby captain Michael Lynagh was forced to don a British and Irish Lions Jersey in Federation Square, Melbourne.

The public humiliation, was a forfeit for losing the three day challenge that tested the support and devotion of Australian fans against Lions supporters.

Peering down the eight-foot wide Hole in the World to witness the toe-curling action was ex-Lion and Former Welsh captain Martyn Williams, who celebrated after leading Lions fans to victory in Queen St, Cardiff.

The challenges included a rugby themed breakdance performance and a good old fashioned sing-off between British and Aussie fans, with the loudest supporters bagging the win.

The three-day challenges saw Britain & Ireland win the breakdancing on the first day, and in a Twitter quiz to judge fans’ rugby knowledge on the second day.

But ultimate glory was seized after Lions fans sang with pride on Tuesday and reached a tinnitus-inducing 110 decibels in Cardiff drowning out the meeker Wallabies effort which notched up just 105 decibels.

Fans at the Hole in the World Melbourne site were also treated to a live performance by Welsh band, Manic Street Preachers who were there to celebrate the end of the challenges.

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