Introducing Levitex > Correct your posture while you sleep…

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Introducing Levitex > Correct your posture while you sleep…

The start-up company that cares about about your sleep posture and how it aids rest, recovery and rehabilitation for everyone.

Levitex is the brainchild of founder James Leinhardt, who has spent 10+ years helping the critically injured, the chronically ill, and the in-firm patients and has learnt a key fact.

Whether it comes to complex neurological patients, elite athletes, home offices workers, and everyone in the middle, the impact of sleep quality, and specifically what we sleep on, can’t be underestimated.

So, James took the science that he learnt in healthcare and applied it to creating the optimum lying surface. One that considers not just comfort and pressure relief, but also support and posture. Something that’s almost a cheat to getting a good night’s sleep. He called it Levitex.

Welcome to the family of dreamers.

0161 832 5902

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