Find out how Letterkenny RFC won €1000 from Topaz Cash for Clubs HERE!

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€1000 from Topaz Cash for Clubs – for Buying fuel at Tobins to raise funds for club
 1 week ago, By Michael MacGinty
€1000 in Topaz Cash For Clubs – we had the chance to WIN thousands of Euro for our club when we bought fuel at Tobins Topaz and we won €1000 this year

“LKRFC wins €1000.00”
Michael MacGinty
Topaz Cash For Clubs- we had the chance to WIN thousands of Euro for our club. It ran until Sunday 10th May 2015 after which date all complete entries were entered into a random draw for a chance to win Thousands of Euro! We won €1000 this year and lets make it better next year in 2016 by supporting Tobins and registering our purchases at the checkout as being for LKRFC

How does it work?
STEP 1. Buy Fuel €40 or more in Tobins Topaz on Port Road to COLLECT STAMPS – Members, Family & Friends donate the stamps they receive.
STEP 2. RETURN YOUR STAMP CARDS TO YOUR CLUB: Once your club has completed and returned 300 filled cards it will be elegible and entered into the main draw on May 18th.
All clubs who return 300 completed cards will be eligible for a prize:
1 club will win €10,000
10 clubs will win €5,000
140 clubs will win €1,000
Every club thereafter will receive €250
The very best of luck to you and your club!
The Topaz team at Tobins – supporters, sponsors and members of Letterkenny Rugby Club helped us this year and want us to enter next year too – many thanks to Annette, Eddie, Brendan and the great team.

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