Letterkenny RFC Reports U15 IXV 13 v Randalstown RFC U15 IXV 0

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Letterkenny vs Randalstown
As the Letterkenny U’15 rugby team got off the bus they got changed and waited to see where they were playing, But were told to get on the bus but they couldn’t find the driver so they had to walk 1k up the road to get to the pitch. When they got their they found out the branch ref hadn’t shown so Randalstown’s coach would ref. Letterkenny kicked off and the ball was well chased and was put out by Randalstown. The catch was got, and the ball made its way forward and soon after was carried over the line by Joseph Dunleavy. The conversion was missed, making the score 5-0 to Letterkenny. Randalstown kick and the ball was caught and kicked back and Ciaran Aiken got the ball and nearly scored but then both teams realised that the ref wasn’t on the pitch so the teams went back and waited. When the ref was back Randelstown kicked again and again the ball was caught and brought up. With lots of good rucking from both sides Matthew Faulkner nearly had a try but the ball was kicked dead. With a 22-drop the ball was brought up the wing again but this time Matthew scored but unfortunately the conversion again was missed, Making the score 10-0 to Letterkenny. Randelstown kick and again the ball was caught and was brought up. With alot of rucks, a few scrums, a couple of line-outs and a maul or two thrown in, the 1st half came to a finish. With a score of 10-0 to Letterkenny
As the 2nd half kicked off with Randalstown kicking the ball made its way up and down the pitch with both teams with alot of rucking and scrums and a few injuries and subs coming on and off Letterkenny got a penalty and went for the point and got them with Peter Scott kicking, making the score 13-0 to Letterkenny. As the match continued with again a lot of rucks mauls and scrums the ref blew the whistle a few minutes early as a blind man could see the defence on both teams was too god for anyone to score, making the final score 13-0 to Letterkenny.
Peter Scott, Lewi Carson, Conor Canon, Eunan Henry, Aiden O’Neil, James Roulston, Joshua Fulton, Cian McGinley, John Fogarty, John Clay, Ben Scott, Steven Gibson, Oran Wilson, James Sweeney, Chris Green, Joseph Dunleavey, Mark Friel, Ciaran Aiken, Owen Stevenson, Mark Wilken, Matthew Faulkner,

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