Letterkenny RFC Notes: Mini Rugby Players stand Tall @ the Coleraine RFC Mini Festival

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For the 3rd consecutive year we have attended the Coleraine Mini Rugby Festival.
And for the 3rd year in a row they knew we were there!
We may not be the best dressed outfit it town, but when we hit there’s thunder!
Only our U7s were outgunned, as we tend to field a team of 5,6 & 7 years which proved to be too young for their counterparts.
That said, their heads never dropped and played well against big opposition. However Ryan Orsi and Caolan Plumb (recently promoted to the U8s) were re-introduced into the squad which helped balance the sides.
All Age groups came up against the best of Ulster opposition, including Ballymoney, Cooke RFC, Belfast Harlequins and Coleraine themselves
The U8’s and U9’s battled hard, and impressed the opposing teams. Top performancess need to go to Josh Moss (U8) for taking serious hits while still retaining the ball. Ciaran Gallagher’s attack through the centre, dragging at least 3 opposing players over the line before going down for a try was a sight not seen since Jonah Lomu went over against England in 1995.

Hats off to Coleraine Rugby, who’s efforts and hospitality as per usual were outstanding, making the day of Mini Rugby a very enjoyable, family event. Even Andrew Trimble wouldn’t miss it!

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