Letterkenny Legends I XV v The Ramelton Supertsars I XV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Report!!!!!!!!! & 300+ Action Shots LIVE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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In what will be remembered as a show piece game, in which the brains of age and experience where utilised on the pitch in an evervescant display of rugby that would grace any stage the Letterkenny Legends took on the Ramelton Superstars in a ferocious battle perhaps made possible only by the copius amounts of alcohol consumed before, possibly at halftime and intensified after the game in a detailed disection of every unique moment. Letterkenny fielded a side who were atleast on average 2 years younger than the Superstars while Ramelton had 4 plyers who were playing their first game, and a player who had previously suffered a heart attack. What transpired during the game was truly ARMEGEDAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got 300+ Action Shots and so far the day after is a tale of sore backs, ankles, hips, knecks, wrists, ham etc:: TO view the shots CLICK HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thankyou to Letterkenny for a superb day from all the visiting friends from across Ulster and beyond

CLICK HERE for the shots – its the ablum called “Letterkenny Legends & Heroes v Ramelton Dave Gallagher Legends”

[youtube SGyOaCXr8Lw]

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