Introducing Dandi Patch for men! >>

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Introducing Dandi Patch for men! >>



Studies show that 1 in 2 people suffer from excessive sweating, however only 5 per cent of adults seek medical advice for the problem. Dandi Patch, the innovative underarm perspiration shield that has been clinically designed to be the discreet yet effective solution to this common problem, announces a new product for men.
• The average man sweats about 1-1.5 litres of liquid a day
• Men produce approximately 4 times more sweat per day than women
• 58 per cent of adults reported that they would be more embarrassed by underarm sweat than bad acne, and 47 per cent of adults stated the same in comparison to being overweight*
• A third of those who think they have too much underarm sweat avoid raising their arms (35%) and others avoid hugging or putting their arms around people (18%) and participating in sports and athletic activities that may induce sweating(17%)*
• New product, Dandi Patch, has been scientifically proven to absorb up to 1000 times the amount of sweat the average male body produces daily

With the dipping temperatures and winter weather upon us, wearing extra layers can easily increase the likelihood of dreaded sweat patches appearing on your clothes. Whether it’s on your morning commute or after an intense work out at the gym, sweating is an unavoidable and perfectly natural bodily function. Studies show that adults who think they have too much underarm sweat (70%) go to all sorts of extreme lengths to hide or prevent their underarm sweat – mostly altering activities (47%) and clothing choices (49%) to avoid feeling embarrassed and insecure about their appearance. **
Many deodorants claim to help you stay confident and revitalised for 48 hours, however as many of us know, it is not always that easy…. Introducing Dandi Patch for men, the innovative new solution designed to be worn for up to 8 hours as an ultra-absorbent and discreet shield in the underarm area. With the new revolutionary product for Men you don’t have to ever worry about sweating buckets again.
The patch has been designed to act as a paper-thin barrier between armpit sweat and clothing, absorbing all perspiration and trapping odour throughout the day. Paraben free, comfortable to wear and easy to apply the Dandi Patch for men has been shown to absorb up to 1000 times the amount that men sweat on average.
Perfect to wear every day under business attire, the Dandi Patch for men provides the ultimate solution to unwanted perspiration in any situation. Whether you have an important business meeting, football match in the park or an evening with friends, if you suffer with excessive sweating it has been proven to significantly affect your self-confidence. Designed to be compact and discreet, the Dandi Patch for men fits neatly under a shaved armpit, adhering securely to the skin. It is also completely invisible underneath t-shirts and shirts allowing the user to enter any given situation with complete confidence.
Ergonomically designed to move with the male body, the Dandi Patch for men is the UK’s leading sweat management solution. Superior to anything else currently on the market the product has been created to be the effortless solution to this common embarrassing problem. Its creator, Theresa Pope, states “I am so excited to launch this incredible new product for men. Dandi Patch will help so many individuals whose self-confidence has been shattered by this embarrassing issue and help them easily deal with any stressful situation!”

Priced at £7.99 for a pack of 10 Dandi Patch is available at


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