Real Health launches its first 100% pure, MGO rated Australian Manuka Honey >>

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Real Health launches its first 100% pure, MGO rated Australian

Manuka Honey

New to the market this month is Real Health’s 100% pure MGO[1] rated Australian Manuka honey – a completely natural honey packed to the brim with health benefits.

Real Health Manuka honey is 100% raw and unblended, insuring its natural health benefits remain as pure and wholesome as the day the bees created it. It has a golden runny consistency showing that, unlike many other similar products, it has not been overly heated, processed, or artificially boosted.

Manuka honey is a single flower honey made only from flowers from the Leptospermum tree more commonly known as the Tea Tree plant, native to Australia. Australian Manuka Honey is naturally more potent, sometimes three times as more, than that of New Zealand. This is because MGO favors the warmer climate of Australia.

Manuka Honey is extremely popular in the UK but until now it has been difficult to distinguish which products are genuine, raw and 100% unblended. More jars of Manuka honey are being sold in the UK and around the world than are being made (Only 1,700 tonnes are harvested, however 10,000 tonnes are sold[2]).

Manuka Honey contains a high concentration of a natural substance called Methylglyoxal (MGO), this active compound is what makes Manuka a super food and separates it from table honey. The higher the MGO level the more potent the honey. Real Health use the MGO rating system which is a superior testing methodology and is globally recognized. The way to ensure genuine Manuka Honey is being purchased is to look for an MGO rated Manuka and choose a brand that independently tests every batch of their honey, just like Real Health which tests every batch twice.

Offering a whole host of health benefits, Australian Manuka Honey has antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-viral properties, which makes it ideal for immunity support, wound care and digestive balance support.

Not only this, but it is less medicinal tasting than most Manuka Honeys, adding to its appeal and making it ideal for adding to a daily smoothie, bircher bowl or drizzled on pancakes.

Real Health Manuka Honey is available in four potency ratings; Antibacterial Grades MGO 100, MGO 300 and MGO 500 and Super Antibacterial Grade 830 MGO. Only Australian Manuka Honey can naturally produce Super Antibacterial Grade Manuka.

Real Health Manuka is available from Boots with prices starting at £23.99.

[1] Methylglyoxal (MGO) is a natural substance which is only found in authentic Manuka Honey and is an indicator of its health properties. MGO ratings are used to demonstrate how potent each Manuka Honey is; the higher the potency the higher the MGO rating.


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