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Latest Rugby updates

It has been a whirlwind season for everyone involved in rugby in the USA, in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France and beyond. The results have been outstanding for many of these teams and on a professional level below that of international the competitions have produced really excellent competitive games with results that leave no room for error as well as some big scores. The competitive standard is maintained only by youthfulness across the positions and of course training, and as you get higher that training becomes position specific. The coaching levels are improved only by application of ideas and close coordination of resources. In a wider environment where players discipline is being very closely monitored and is the responsibility of the coaches, referees, fans and administrative staff as well as the players themselves, has all contributed to some very lucky results which are making the experience really entertaining for the fans, who enjoy the lifestyle of rugby, the experience of the games, catching up with friends at the games many placing bets on the games and enjoying it.

A few pointers to think about if you are betting are these. Betting is about probabilities and attempting to predict the future. So a bookie will offer 1/4 odds on a team winning a game when they believe their chance of winning the game is 20% and if you bet on that at 1/4 odds, if they win you win your stake (say £1) x 4 (so you win £4 on a 1/4 odds) its pretty incredible. If people are betting and looking for odds then it is worth looking for Exclusive bookies offers for new users because if you think about one of the big areas pre world cup or even any finals or semi finals or later stages of any competition is the odds on players making the cut for games, some of these seem really obvious and some not so obvious, and their are odds available on this and the chances and reasoned probabilities of certain players getting picked for certain games.

So the same applies on the odds of a player making the cut for a game 1/2 you only get £2 if you win after betting £1 or if the odds are 1/16 then you would win £16 but the bookie believes they only have a 1 in 16 chance of making the cut! It takes a lot of analysis to get this right! One thing is for sure… Do your homework! Otherwise you might as well throw darts at the odds. 

Many of the fans now realize the very high standard of the English Premiership and how that competition is very competitive and remaining in the Premiership competition is of paramount importance to those clubs with Saracens also looking to have an impact or leave their mark if they can on the European Champions Cup competition, and then of course the international level has seen the historically low level Irish team making it the top global position which they have never achieved before and a second historically significant win over the All Blacks whom in 140 years since the beginning of rugby they had never beaten before until just a few years ago although Munster had beaten the All Blacks 2nd’s team in the 1970’s, so the Irish are really pleased that they have finally beaten the All Blacks after 140 years and for a country that has a tiny population compared to the likes of France or England it has really raised the perception of the Irish team to a much higher level in the eyes of everyone. Yet in saying that England did finally have a really good finish to their Autumn Internationals and after the last Rugby World Cup in which no Northern hemisphere team made it past the quarter finals the potential for the Northern Hemisphere teams certainly England and Ireland is on paper elevated after this set of results so they must really be expecting to progress lots in the 2019 World Cup. So with the domestic competitions such as the English Premiership, France TOP14 and the PRO14 which has South African teams playing in it and of course the European Champions Cup so many many people we would think will be betting heavily on the likes of Ireland, Wales and England occupying 1st, 3rd and 4th positions in the World Rugby Rankings and on this basis they all have to be considered as potential Rugby World cup potential winners in 2019 with New Zealand Occupying 2nd place and having won the last 2 Rugby World Cups, so for those 4 teams it would be really shocking if they entered the rugby World cup in those positions that they would not be at least some of the teams getting to the semi final and final positions and potentially winning the competition! So what a great prospect the year is for rugby fans in those countries who will all be dreaming of what could be at Japan 2019 the Rugby World Cup, and of course everyone knows the Japanese will put on a really super tournament, but so much is to occur before the World Cup, the Premiership in England, the France Top14 the PRO14, the Six Nations and all the 2nd tier competitions as their are internationals playing in those competitions like the The European Challenge Cup!

This is a spectacular season for rugby!

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