KNEE Injuries – Rugby & Chiropractic

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Knee injuries – Rugby and chiropractic

Lower limb injuries are common in many contact sports and the knee is the 3rd most common sporting injury in the world.

The knee is a simple hinge joint in relation to its mechanics, however it is supported by a wide range of ligaments and muscles. Injury to the knee can seriously impair the function of the quads, hamstrings, or calf muscles. This may occur through sudden impact trauma or repetitive strain injury. Acute injuries are usually the result of twisting whilst the feet are locked therefore placing undue added strain on the knee itself, when combined with a heavy tackle the knee frequently gives way. It is vital to get the knee assessed and treated as soon as possible after the initial injury to minimise recovery time and prevent secondary complications.

One of the big consequences of a knee injury is due to its weight bearing role. If the position and function of the knee is impaired then this will naturally affect the function of the ankle, hip and spine. It is important with any form of treatment or rehab to take secondary areas into account. The nerves in your low back also provide motor and sensory supply to the legs and therefore pressure here can result in referred pain and altered sensation surrounding the knee further complicating the injury.

When running you can effectively quadruple your body weight therefore leading to enormous pressures through your weight bearing joints. Both the knee and hip have the potential for ‘wear and tear’ or degeneration to start an early age due to repetitive trauma. When managed correctly however joint replacements do not need to become an inevitable part of getting older.

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Conservative treatment options can often be as effective as surgical intervention to repair injury. However if surgery is required chiropractic may be used as part of the rehabilitative process helping you to get back playing quickly.

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