Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions on Track with Slendertone

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Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions on Track with Slendertone

New Year fitness is often a fad, but a little helping hand and some visible results can really help you stay on track and reach your personal goals. Introducing the Slendertone Abs – for firmer, stronger, flatter abs just four weeks. Once the festive season is over, the fight to get in shape gets fully underway. But this year it’s time to revolutionise the way you not only think about losing weight and toning up, but the way in which you do it. After all, strong IS the new skinny.

Results, Results, Results

The premium Slendertone Abs belt is the secret weapon to help achieve a taught, post-turkey tum. It cleverly targets specific stomach muscles to tone, achieving those all-important results. Combined with regular exercise that burns fat and increases your fitness levels, you’ll start to see results from as little as four weeks.

Clinical trials revealed that 100% of users reported firmer, more toned abs with an average 1.4” waist reduction due to toning of muscles, when they wore the premium Slendertone Abs belt for the recommended usage of 20 minutes per day, five days a week. What’s more after four weeks you can maintain your results using the product just three times a week.
Jarod Chapman, Slendertone Ambassador & Celebrity Personal Trainer says “After many years of professional experience I know how hard it is to get your New Year’s resolution started; a lot of my past clients avoided their January training until they engaged a professional fitness instructor. And according to research***, most New Year fitness resolutions fail by early February, but with Slendertone, that’s exactly the time when you should start seeing results – this can have a huge impact on your motivation and can keep you on your fitness journey. The simplicity of Slendertone’s design & function is like having your own personal trainer at home, just make the commitment to use it. My advice is to not overdo it – take it steady at a pace that suits you and slowly build up your speed, weight and resistance. This will help you stick to it and not fail. The motivation from seeing a visible difference means you won’t fall at the first hurdle when it comes to getting back in shape this New Year.”

With online fitness being a huge trend for 2015****, more and more people will be participating in web-based workouts and challenges streamed live – Slendertone is the ultimate accessory to complement your online workout as it can be worn anytime, even whilst exercising.

Plus, if you can’t face an overcrowded gym, fighting for equipment in January, good news – you can even wear your device on the treadmill too. And if cardio isn’t for you, or you want to save on your gym membership, why not use your abs belt whilst completing your household chores? It’s the ultimate accessory, no matter how busy your lifestyle is.

Get involved with the latest Slendertone #StartHere video, where Jarod Chapman delivers the ultimate workout to achieve that strengthened, toned core…

[youtube PqQqXxBMm9Q]

[youtube Gvt8992-VTs]

The Science behind the Belt
slendertone abs
The premium Slendertone Abs belt allows users to work on their complete abdominal musculature with its patented three pad design, positioned around the waist and across the belly button. This targets the Rectus Abdominus and Oblique muscles, plus the difficult to reach Transversus Abdominus that is key for a flatter stomach. For maximum results, the belt should be worn during physical activity to enhance an existing cardio workout. But if cardio isn’t your thing, it can be worn on its own as part of a holistic healthy, active lifestyle with a balanced, clean and lean food plan to counteract any over-indulgence over the festive season.

The product delivers impressive results thanks to clinically-proven electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) technology. This technology ensures all abdominal muscles contract, not just those under the pads, by stimulating the nerves supplying each muscle group to help tone and strengthen all abdominal muscles deep into the core. The muscles simultaneously contract and then relax, similar to the regular muscle contraction experienced during normal exercise. This sensation is powerful enough to recruit all muscles in the abdominal region, yet comfortable enough to have a conversation whilst using it. And if it’s good enough for renowned sporting icons Bruce Lee and Muhammed Ali, then what are you waiting for?

And if abs are not your problem area, Slendertone has all bases covered…
slendertone arms
The Slendertone Arms Accessory (RRP £39.99) delivers firmer and more defined upper arms. 89%* of users reported more definition using the Slendertone Arms Accessory for the recommended usage of 15 minutes per session, up to five times a week so you say hello to super sculpted arms.

All products are available directly from, Argos, Boots, Amazon and Littlewoods 

Premium Slendertone Abs – RRP £149.99

Slendertone Bottom – RRP £139.99

Slendertone Arms Accessory (needs Controller from Abs or Bottom) – RRP £39.99

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