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K.C. Property & Co is a professional and progressive letting agency offering a wealth of experience and local knowledge. Banks have put extensive pressure on developers with regard to fulfilling mortgage payments and we at K.C. Property & Co wish to provide house owners with the best opportunity to satisfy these requests by achieving a competitive market rental value for your property.

Our knowledge of the local market will help provide an accurate valuation of the rental worth of your property and coupled with the cleaning and maintenance services we provide we hope to garner the highest rental value for it.

Our marketing strategy is to expand the business by reaching out to the largest potential audience. This will be achieved by means of search engines, local newspapers, emails, SMS and our website. We utilise state of the art technology throughout our business and it forms the core of our strategy and approach. We hope through our user friendly interfaced website and live SMS and e-mail property alerts, we can satisfy the needs of our customers and allow you to avail of our services.

Essentially, our aim is to ensure each client is satisfied with our services, in doing this we hope this can expand our business and ensure K.C. Property & Co and be a household name in every property enthused house locally and regionally.

We look forward to doing business with you.

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KC Property & CO

Tele: 07796832221
E-mail: info@kcpropertyandco.co.uk
Website: www.kcpropertyandco.co.uk

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