Joker Fit workout cards…

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Joker Fit workout cards…

Joker Fit workout cards (only $14.99) are the perfect holiday gift (especially stocking stuffer!) for everyone (him, her, the kids) and all fitness levels, even elite rugby players! Joker Fit was designed to be fun, portable, and affordable – perfect for stockings! Perfect for dad or mom that only have 20 minutes to workout or are on a business trip, or for the kids that need a little time to unplug from screens.

Why workout cards? The average person spends almost 12 hours in front of a screen each day, a poker sized deck of cards that tells you how to workout is a great way to unplug and have fun with your workout – just shuffle, deal, and off you go; no equipment required. Plus it’s cheap, no subscriptions required ($14.99 on Amazon, 5 star review, several decks available).

They have a few different decks targeting different muscle groups on their Amazon store.

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