Join In launches Club Hub, the new online toolkit for sports clubs, by sports clubs.

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Join In launches Club Hub, the new online toolkit for sports clubs, by sports clubs.

Join In launches ‘Club Hub’, a simple, free, online resource that will help grow grassroots sports clubs and groups across the country.

Join In asked community sports groups across the UK what they wanted to help build their clubs. The response? Club Hub – a unique resource that provides, guides, advice, hints and tips from clubs, for clubs!

From finding new volunteers and promoting your club to managing club finances, Club Hub has it covered.

CEO Rebecca Birkbeck said, “We work with thousands of grassroots sports groups every day, but it’s the volunteers within the clubs who are donating their time and building the clubs from within. We wanted to showcase these remarkable volunteers and use their success stories to inspire others looking for first hand advice or ideas.”


Boost your volunteer workforce – and help your club to grow.

Join In knows a thing or two about volunteering in sport- our clubs and experts provide advice on how to recruit volunteers for events, keep your volunteers coming back for more and shares stories of how volunteers go above and beyond their roles to help build communities.

“It was great for the club to fund my level 1 coaching qualification. It was genuinely interesting and more than just setting up cones. There were different people, experiences and outlooks that really interested me.”

Dean Hart explains how Kingswood Falcons helped him pursue his volunteering goals

Jean Tomlin – head of the London 2012 Games Makers, also introduces the idea of a new role for sports clubs and groups – the volunteer coordinator or ‘People Person’ who can help support club volunteers.

“These volunteers are integral to developing a positive, passionate environment at a grassroots level for others who give up their time for free in sport across the UK.”

Jean Tomlin highlights the important role of a Volunteer Coordinator


Reach more people using the press, social media and hosting events to open your doors.

Join In has pulled together media training tips for volunteers and clubs, advice on how to use social media to your advantage.

“With media, the most important thing is to be yourself and enjoy it. Note down five key things you want to say and apply them to different situations or stories, then practice what you want to say. If you get three out of the 5 into the interview, you’ve done well.”

Mel Woodards from Milton Nomads explains how to get the most out of the media

Our partners at BT also give advice on how to build and improve your website with their free web tool, the BT Community Web Kit.


Struggling with your grant applications? Need more funding? The Club Hub has practical guides to help with grant requests and real-life examples of how clubs have gained funding.

We’ve also worked with our skilled Local Leaders at BT who put together hints and tips on fundraising.

“Look for local companies that may sponsor you, or any members that can provide support. There are several websites that will take applications from clubs – apply for all of them! Fundraising and grant applications for kit and equipment are good sources of funds.”

BT Local Leader Tori Brady provides tips on generating income

Looking to include children or disability sport within your club? No problem, Club Hub showcases clubs that have successfully grown to include all age groups and abilities within their groups – they give tips on what you need and how you can do the same.

“Having an Open day or Taster Session can be a great way to welcome everyone to the club. We held a Junior Open Day last year which saw 50 volunteers and 200 young people playing, as well as bringing in 50+ new players to the club.”

Peter Gore, Bolton Rugby Club explains how to boost your members

Club Hub is something that sports clubs and groups have been crying out for and will help to strengthen community sport across the UK- something we can all get behind.

Join In is a London 2012 legacy charity that puts more volunteers into community sport. For further information visit

Follow Club Hub and Join In on Twitter: #ClubHub @joininuk

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