Isle of Harris Gin… for a luxuriously smooth and complex sip…

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Isle of Harris Distillery. Isle of Harris Gin makes for a luxuriously smooth and complex sip enjoyed on its own or in your favourite summer drinks – like this rhubarb & lime rickey for a sweet & tart
summer cooler.

The maritime notes brought by the key botanical of locally harvested sugar kelp create the perfect seaside vibe, blended with fresh fruit&citrus notes of mango, lime and grapefruit.

You can find Isle of Harris Gin at select UK stockists and The Online Isle of Harris Gin Shop.

700ml bottle retails for £43.00. Isle of Harris Gin products can only be shipped within the UK, shipping is free.

On The Nose

A well-defined juniper note with pine needles, immediately followedbythe fresh citrus notes of bitter orange, lime and grapefruit. Develops a complex floral note of rose and wallflowers with crushed
green herbs, coriander and gooseberry all underpinned by mixedspice.Sugar Kelp adds to the complexity and richness and gives a dry maritime note.

On The Palate

Refreshing, with good balance between the bitter juniper and pineandthe sweet fruit flavours of mango, grapefruit and orange. A green herb flavour of crushed coriander develops. Distinctive and smooth with a dry, flinty taste.

On The Finish

Overall a long, clean finish. As the juniper and citrus fade away, sweet vanilla and black pepper remain with a gentle reminder of the sea.

Made with 9 carefully chosen botanicals:

Outer Hebridean Sugar Kelp seaweed
Macedonian Juniper Berries
English Coriander Seed
Cubebs / Javan Pepper
Bitter Orange Peel
Angelica Root
Cassia Bark
Orris Root
Liquorice Root

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