Introducing- SPORTS REHAB IRELAND – A Belfast Based Practice Specialising In sports Injurys

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A new local Sports Therapist hits the ground running in the Belfast Area. Sports Rehabilitation Ireland is the brainchild of Andrew Newberry.

After studying a degree in Sports Therapy Bsc honours, Andrew was immediately eligibly to join MSST, Member of the Society of Sports Therapists. He is also a member of Bases the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences. BASES is the professional body for sport and exercise sciences in the UK, and a member of The Society Of Sports Therapists.

Combined with extensive experience in the field working with Rugby Union and Rugby League clubs he has opened a new state of the art practice based at Fitness First Gym, Connswater Business Park, Belfast.

But What is Sports Therapy?

Sports therapy as the name suggests specialises in the treatment of sports injurys.

We have researched the topic and found that a Sports therapist focuses in on sports related injuries and the objective of the sports therapist is to study and understand the various sciences behind this and to specialise in treatment as well as providing on going advice to athletes who are not injured but may be pushing their bodies to the maximum. Sports massage is another item in the Sports therapists tool kit.

The history of Sports therapy appears to have begum with a very scientific approach which identifies all of the science behind sport. Sport is very much about the movement of the human body. Running, jumping, catching balls, hitting. Imagine a golf swing, or a footballer taking a penalty. Imagine also a crash tackle on a rugby pitch which is a dynamic collision, or a scrum which is much more rigid.

Excellence in sport is also very often about pushing the human body to the limits. It is no coincidence then that problems arise with joints, muscles, tissue and bone.

The Sports Therapist seeks to treat, advise and understand a patients injury bearing in mind the activity that caused the injury.

Andrew has studied this to a high level and is uniquely positioned to devise rahabilitation programmes. to assess and move towards the best outcome of treatment which is recovery of the flexibilty, strength, agility and so on of the injured jount or muscle or ligament prior to injury, and to advise when it is appropriate to begin playing the athletes chosen sport again, and to what level.

Combined with being qualified to provide first aid treatment pitch side and having his own practice it is fair to say that a phone call or a visit to Sports Rehabilitation Ireland is well advised for you or for your club.
Andrew is also able to assess players before they get injured in order to identify weaknesses which can be addressed with training programmes and excercise, helping to reduce the risk of injury in those weak areas. Prevention not cure thats the secret!

Sport rehabilitation Ireland treat a range of conditions and offer a comprehensive list of treatment options.

Conditions we treat:

Sports Injuries
Lower back & Neck Pain
Hip Pain
Arthritic Pain
Neuropathic pain
Shoulder Pain
Surgical reconstruction rehabilitation

Examples of Treatment Options

Sports Massage
Taping and strapping
PNF Stretching
Core Stability Exercises
Individualised Exercise Programmes
Electrotherapy including Ultrasound
Spinal & Peripheral Joint Mobilisations

Andrew is available by phone or appointment. Please do not hesitate to contact him on the following contact details.

Tel 07799287951
Address Fitness First, Connswater Business Park, Belfast, BT5 4AF.

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