InTouch TVV Hell Raisers 2 of 30 @ QUB RFC Ladies Rugby playersssssssssssssssssssss Grace Cole & Imogen Porter

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Hi girls, conditions were pretty awful on Sunday for a part although it did brighten up second half, it was so good to watch the game and see the team. Ref Kevin said that he is seeing all the time the ability level improving to the point where you all even know when he is not pinging to let the game play. An incredible game and we wish we could have played rugby as well as you. The AIL final was heart breaking last year but you have never given up and are playing superbly we only apologise for letting you down on occasion. Thank you very very much for being an inspiration and thank you Grace Cole & Imogen Porter for their interview below, the blue flag is flying very high CHECK OUT THE INTERVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 20 new players! We will always support you and admire the love you have for this game. We will never ever forget the Carrick 7s winners presentation human pyramid, and so many awesome games and moments, your a credit to the game we love.
[youtube C9JIKCXJaxQ]
We got 940 shots from the game CLICK HERE for them!

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