InTouch TV Presents: Tag Ulster Malone Highlights + Interview With Ulster Rockette & Tagger Oprah Devitt

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Its finals week and in build up to the first night which is Tuesday of the finals! We have interviewed a memeber of Wolfpack who combines an awesome ability for tag rugby with an equally awesome dancing passion and member of the Ulster Rockettes – Oprah Devitt!

Plus we captured footage of The City Taggers in their league winning game last Thursday in one of the best worked ladies tries of the tournament and the massive celebrations.

What a week this will be – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday are tag nights – can’t wait to cover every night this week. Interview with Oprah and video highlights from last Thursday are below.

[youtube NMN7H4mPt9I]
[youtube GzgpC02TEjY]

Pictures 300+ from Thursday 30th CLICK HERE

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