InTouch TV: BLACK ARMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rab Got Em – Got the Vids – HD – CCB v MCB Medallion – TRIESSS!!! Plays etc – not too mention The Rapture Of Success From The Home Supporters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What an absolutely superb game, with alot of supporters. We got the vids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[youtube iGB0xCIFkQk]
[youtube C0iiqITYucM]
[youtube _WTjpIOEpf4]
[youtube nQUabPN2iVo]
[youtube YGprir5AAZ4]
[youtube J9wSQaA_HBg]
[youtube aGFJyZCQk7k]
[youtube Pf9vnyiuYfw]
[youtube H1N_MCwsXtI]
[youtube pj7Z_Cum4fA]
[youtube DwgwpRP90sU]
[youtube I7GilVtgTZI]
CLICK HERE for the SHOTTSS! Courtesy of Rab Irwin

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