INTOUCH RUGBY TV PRESENTS: Enniskillen Collegiate Vid highlights + Action Shots & Interviews With Coach Dee Caldwell & Ulster Rugby Dev Officer Joy Sparks

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In an absolutely superb final these two teams held no punches from the start. Enniskillen Collegiate produced the same tenacious ability to build from their own 10 meter line and work a try using every person on the ptich. Combining this with the superb individual skills of quite a number of players who can twist on a dime and produce an amazing flair in their game leading to some superb individual scores. the game was very very even and the Collegiate players not to mention an army of supporters who were proud of their team no matter what the score had in fact every right to be. It was an excellent final and what a rugby school Collegiate is. We go the tries!!!!!!!!! & Coach Dee Caldwell makes it very clear that the Collegiate WILL BEBACK! Ulster Rugby women’s rugby development officer Joy Sparks comments on what has been one of the best ever seasons for Ulster women’s rugby.
[youtube 4gQGg2ohOI4]
[youtube iPn1xY-MUxU]
[youtube Eha2sMZXulk]
What a game! For 333 ACTION SHOTS Of what was a close game full of skill – the album can be viewed by clicking HERE

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