InTouch Rugby TV: Newry Ladies Play Their 1st Game & Score Their 1st Try, Includes The Try + Plaay + Pictures + Interview with coach & Captain!

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Go Newry ladies RFC I XV – They played their first game of rugby on Sunday. The game was arranged as four 20 minute quarters and as each quarter progressed we could visibly see the girls grow. They went form hesitant and unsure to full on no hesitation hitting tackles and rucks, so much so that they scored a try which were are delighted to have captured in intouch TV below + link to 100+ pictures and interviews with their coach and captain

Try Highlights & Play
[youtube VR31s2leVzo]
Captain Louise Buchanan
[youtube IDLTH_ST1bg]

Coach Michael Fagan
[youtube U_g95IYEsqY]

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