InTouch Needed New Technology – We are delighted work with (3 years) and recommend Stem Systems – NOT ONE SINGLE PROBLEM!

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InTouch Rugby website started Christmas 2009 and we were operating of old second hand computers with no understanding of technology at all!

Quite an admission we know, but it is the truth.

Over the course of the last 3 years we have grown to appreciate the importance of quality computer technology. To put it simply the tools of our trade are now very much technology based.

Over the course of time we have encountered the same problem with the systems we have been using. Our computers have been running too slow and have on several occasions now actually stopped working at all.

2 years ago our system crashed and we did not know anything accept after 3 major crashes and complete lose of all the information held on the computers it was time to invest even in these difficult economic times in the right machines for what we are doing.

Where to start. We phoned everyone we could think of. After some detailed conversations we eventually found out the spec of machines we required and are delighted to confirm that the advice and supply of our new kit has came from Stem Systems.


InTouch will be moving forward with Stem Systems for all our computer needs.

Their service is excellent, reliable and fast. We thoroughly recommend them and will be bringing you a monthly article in association with on IT in the business from now on.

If your company uses technology that is delivered or controlled by computers then you will understand the importance of getting the right solution for your needs.

Contact Stem Systems on 028 9002 4345 or visit their website and send them an email – CLICK HERE.

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