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White Glo Bright Nights Teeth Whitening Strips



Dissolving strips for instantly whiter teeth
Ideal for use before parties, work functions and social events
Professional dental teeth whitening ingredients

White Glo, Australia’s number one tooth whitening brand are pleased to introduce the Bright Nights instant teeth whitening strips, their newest product to the UK market.

Bright Nights is a whitening product like no other. These dissolving whitening films are the simplest ways to whiten your teeth, giving your smile an instant whitening “top-up” by up to a shade or more.

They have been exclusively designed and formulated to be used when you need a whitening boost such as prior to arriving at a party, work function or social event.

With no sticky gel when applying or messy strips to dispose after use – these dry, clean and dissolving whitening films can easily be used on the way to your next social event.

Bright Nights contains professional dental teeth whitening ingredients and work by being absorbed by your teeth enamel to turn yellowing and discolouration into oxygen particles.

This procedure has been proven to be very safe and will reveal an instantly whiter smile.

To find out more about looking after your teeth visit http://www.whiteglo.com/

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