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Perfect for tucking into with a box set from across the Pond, this range is inspired by classic American recipes. It will help you to recreate restaurant style quality from the comfort of your own home with buttermilk and maize grit bases which are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

Pulled Pork ‘n’ Pepper, £3, 10”

One for fans of the all-American BBQ. Succulent British pork marinated in a unique Tesco BBQ sauce made from Hickory smoked peppers, sweet tomatoes, black treacle and golden syrup, wrapped around slow-cooked onions and topped off with grilled peppers for the perfect flavour combination.

Kickin’ Chicken ‘n’ Blue, £3, 10”

This delicious pan baked pizza is bursting with good ol’ fashioned American flavours. Creamy mozzarella and Monterey Jack cheese are topped with Cajun-style chicken breast, marinated in a spicy Buffalo sauce made with sweet tomatoes, blue cheese, paprika and fiery red pepper sauce. Deliciously topped off with succulent yellow peppers and fiery chilli flakes.

Chilli ‘n’ Cheese, £3, 10”

Sweet tomato sauce is topped with melted and creamy mozzarella and Monterey Jack cheese, red onions, mixed jalapeños and chipotle chilli jam. Crumbled Mexicana cheese gives this pizza its final kick.

Punchy Pork ‘n’ Pineapple, £3, 10”

A delicious twist on the classic ham and pineapple pizza. The crispy buttermilk base is topped with a seasoned tomato sauce made with sweet chipotle chilli jam and spicy sausage. The sweet and spicy sauce is perfectly paired with creamy mozzarella, Monterey Jack cheese, chunky British ham hock and juicy pineapple. Finished with a sprinkle of chilli flakes.


This new pizza range from Tesco will help you cater for friends and family with a delicious meal to share. With an ample 14 inch diameter covered with delectable toppings, evening dining with friends and weekends of food and fun with the family will be easy, whether that’s a cosy night in or a special celebration at home.

Veggie Supreme Pizza, £4.50, 14”

Creamy mozzarella and mature Cheddar cheese sits underneath tasty red onions, green and red peppers, juicy sweetcorn and roasted mushrooms. Finished off with mouth-watering garlic and parsley butter and warm chilli flakes for a taste that’s truly supreme.

Hawaiian Deluxe Pizza, £4.50, 14”

Deluxe flavours, perfect for sharing at a party. Beechwood smoked ham combines with sweet and juicy pineapple for that classic Hawaiian taste.

Mighty Meat Combo, £4.50, 14”

This mighty pizza consists of five mouth-watering meats packed with flavour; smoky pepperoni, herby Lincolnshire sausage, smoked bacon, spicy British beef and BBQ coated spicy pork and beef meat bites.

BBQ Chicken Supreme, £4.50, 14”

Smoky bacon with tender chicken breast strips marinated in a sweet BBQ sauce complete with tasty strips of onions and peppers. A supreme pizza with supreme flavours.

Stuffed Crust Cheese Meltdown, £4.50, 14”

Stuffed crust pizza loaded with four cheesy favourites; creamy mozzarella, smooth Edam, mature Cheddar and mellow Red Leicester. This mighty combination is sure to please all pizza lovers.

Stuffed Crust Ultimate Pepperoni, £4.50, 14”

A super-sized American inspired pizza with a crispy crust stuffed with mozzarella, Cheddar and Edam cheeses. The flavoursome tomato sauce base is topped off with mozzarella and mature cheddar and slices of pepperoni full of scrumptious smoky flavours

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