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Innovative Clever new products which make great Christmas gifts !

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Clever, new products – A couple of awesome gift ideas from &

First is The Olive Boat & Pit Port, a two-piece porcelain ensemble that elegantly serves olives while hiding the unsightly pits.
The pit port is separate and bottomless for easy clean up and it is all microwave/dishwasher safe..

This functional piece of artwork makes a clever gift for foodies or anyone who enjoys entertaining and making a good impression.

Currently available online for $29.95 at
The Grommet:



Also available for purchase at

Shifting gears…the second product we’d like you to consider is called The Layer – a thin, soft, absorbent, waterproof, and noiseless intimacy blanket that protects beds, furniture, carpeting, the car, vans, sleeping bags, etc. from all imaginable sexy messes. It’s a chic solution to a common problem!

The Layer is eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, machine wash/dry safe, and durable (tested to 300+ washings). The Layer is a woman-owned small business and completely sourced and manufactured in the USA.

The Layer retails for $69 and is available at select retailers, also on Amazon:

The Layer can also be purchased at the product website,
Enjoy product demo videos and outstanding reviews while you’re there!

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