Q) Ever tripped on your own bootlaces in the middle of a punch up! An incredible tour by the Rainey Old Boys RFC 5ths to Boston in 1988 Roy Patterson Remembers one of many many tours

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The most exciting times, tours, producing the great memories that live with you forever. Yes there are many moments on this tour which cannot be shared here comments Roy Patterson whos son now plays for Rainey Old Boys Ist team. “We were on tour, every time was brilliant, we had so many characters with us, everyone was up for it, we got into a few tight spots”, he laughs and we laugh at some of the stories and discuss memories of players whos names are legend, guys that access that level of the athletic mindset that knows less boundatries, that lives in the moment. Guys who also made the most hilarious situations on field like tripping on their own shoe laces who was? You will have to ask Roy.

The Rainey 5ths are legends

J.McLean, G.A.Parke, P.W.Stewart, R.J.Glover, W.McGinnis, S.Doherty, W.J.A.Lee, T.A.Watt, P.J.Flannigan, S.MacMahon, G.Walsh, N.J.Gillespie, C.D.Murray, D.G.Henderson, A.S.Burns, S.P.Higgins, J.A.McLean, R.Patterson, R.J.Montgomery, D.J.

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