In the UK we love coffee… but what are the MOST Caffeinated Cities in the UK?

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In the UK we love coffee… but what are the MOST Caffeinated Cities in the UK?

At intouchrugby we hardly know anyone who doesn’t drink coffee, you know we have shouted about rugby coffee before, but we can’t resist buying a sneaky take out when out and about… We know what we love to drink, but what about the rest of the nation?

We feel like we might not really be able to function without it. The taste and boost from full caffeinated is brilliant. It’s so comforting and on a cold morning it heats us up and peps us up for the day! In the UK we love coffee and this has inspired tastecard to conduct a little research to find the UK’s most Caffeinated Cities!

They actually used stats gathered by sample audiences and search interest to get a handle on the data. They explored the volume of traffic based on coffee and coffee related searches, and it’s pretty startling! London is right at the top for coffee related searches in 2023* with a phenomenal 778,160.

The runner up spots went to Edinburgh (162,320 searches), Manchester (120,000 searches), Birmingham (94,480 searches), and Oxford (88,720 searches).

Talking about this makes us think of coffee shops… enjoying a coffee with friends and of course choosing from the range of coffees available. Americano, Latte, Cappuccino, Black Coffee, Caffe Mocha… for us staggeringly as we are firmly Latte drinkers the UK searched over a million times in 2023. The exotic Chai Latte was the closest to our favourite Latte and it was not even really near the top as a national favourite. The other most searched were the flat white, cappuccino and iced coffee.

However, we feel very in tune with this result because it turns out that Latte was the most purchased coffee from a sample audience with 41,900 purchases in 2023 so far. For us actual purchases speak louder than searches and Latte was the firm favourite.

For us a good Latte is just amazing! As for runner up purchases the Cappuccino had 23,300 purchases, Americano 20,100 purchases, Flat White 14,100 purchases and Iced Latte 6,600 purchases so far in 2023. I have to admit I really like all these types of coffee. The flat white is that traditional coffee we grew up with. Just coffee the way it always was – at intouchrugby we vote it’s the best to warm you when it’s a freezing match day.

However, many of our writers think the Latte and Cappuccino are definitely better coffees. Sometimes, though you have to just love the simple things like a flat white or even a black coffee. It’s not just the caffeine (HONESTLY!) the taste of a genuinely good quality coffee is really hard to beat!

It’s really great that tastecard set up this research and you know since we stop while travelling so much to get a coffee it’s really neat that with my tastecard we actually get a reduced rate on coffee.

For us combining saving and coffee and so many other treats, snacks and meals is awesome! Saving while doing what we love is totally amazing and with tastecard’s Coffee Club we are not just talking about saving a few pennies. You actually save 25% on barista-made drinks with tastecard. In fact for those who do not have a tastecard they are spending an extra £117 when you look at the normal coffee prices and the amount people normally drink! Just think of the Coffee Club deals and restaurant deals near you and how much you could save on these! They have 2 for 1 offers from Edinburgh to restaurant deals in London.

It must be said that they have some amazing coffee locations. We have Caffè Nero, Black Sheep Coffee, and a host of local spots near us. For really amazing taste we always make time for a coffee, it is great to take some time out for you or share a cuppa. A local coffee shop is somewhere we inevitably meet with old friends from school who we have not seen for so long. You get chatting, you know? Sitting in the comfy seats… catching up on news. Meeting new people and the coffee just lifts your spirits and frankly we just talk for hours. It’s so easy to forget the time entirely.

Where would we be without stopping for a break and maybe that’s really what coffee is about. It’s a chance to sit down and catch up and relax and recharge a little. Everyone needs a break and coffee is so good for that. Also why not get out there and enjoy your coffee even more. When you join tastecard you can actually also make big savings on the cost! What a combination!

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