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Dates: November: 6th, 13th, 20th & December: 4th, 11th, 18th

Location: NICVA Conference Centre, Belfast BT15 2GB

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1. What is this course?

This course in Sports Leadership and Management is a unique course designed on specific research, case studies and tutor experience. Sport has modernised dramatically with athlete and coach development. There is a major emphasis on the technical, tactical and physical elements of coach or manager education however these are athlete centred. Globally, there is limited sports coach/ manager education in leadership and management. Based on modern research these may be the most important qualities a team may require in their coach or manager.

2. What will I learn?

You will learn about the theories of leadership and management and the important factors required in developing your team or athletes. You can learn from your own self-analysis and networking with other coaches and managers. Case studies provide a platform for critical analysis and unrivalled learning experiences which we will utilise for discussion and group tasks.

3. Oh no…sounds like a powerpoint marathon!

Definitely not! From the outset we will engage in discussion, humorous tasks and detailed reviews of current practices. A key objective of the course is to practice what we preach therefore expect to meet and greet everyone on your course at some stage and engage in practical activities.

4. Can I use the qualification outside of sport?

Yes! Being a branch of City and Guilds, the ILM are regarded as the foremost body in leadership and management training. This internationally recognised Award is applicable to leadership and management across all sectors and will undoubtedly enhance your career development.

5. What sport does the course relate to?

All sports! Disability, team, individual, field, court, track, motor, dance, gymnastics, aquatic, martial arts, racquet, target…. If you need management and leadership in any of these, this is the course for you.

6. What about assignments?

Assignments are based on two units covered within the course. Your tutors will go through preparation for these in great detail and support is available throughout the entire six sessions.

7. Are there any health and safety implications?

Not as far as we can see but just in case a health and safety brief and risk assessment will be delivered during your induction session.

8. Do I need any previous experience?

Some experience will assist but if you are enthusiastic about coaching and managing a team then you will be well suited to this course. The course is aimed at aspiring or practising managers/ coaches; senior players and team captains; and strategic officers.

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