I XV Ulster Rugby Schools Rankings – Click Here – Current to 13th Jan 2011

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Some big changes here. Very little separates many of the teams, the top 3 for example are probably joint 1st. This is repeated in various positions in the list.
One thing is for certain, their will be one winner of each of the competitions. Cup, shield, trophy. The next 6 weeks before the final will be as brilliant as ever and the individuals that take part are engaged in one of the most important tournaments of their rugby career.

This section is designed to give a snap shot only, of the opinion of InTouch Rugby as to Schools I XV Rankings.

In support of various schools of thought on the subject we highlight below our unnofficial ranking of Schools in the current season so far. This list is up to date as of Tuesday 13th Jan 2011 and includes the top 20 schools.

The list is based on 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and O points for a loss.

1 Ballyclare HS
2 Methodist College
3 RBAI +1
4 Ballymena Academy +1
5 Belfast Royal Academy -2
6 Campbell College +2
7 Wallace HS -1
8 RS Armagh -1
9 Down HS +1
10 Bangor GS -1
11 Sullivan Upper +1
12 Friends’ School +1
13 Foyle & L’Derry College -1
14 Dalriada
15 Portadown College +1
16 Coleraine AI -1
17 Grosvenor GS
18 Banbridge Academy +1
19 Regent House +1
20 Rainey ES +3

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