How UK consumers are becoming more conscious of food sustainability

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How UK consumers are becoming more conscious of food sustainability

New research has revealed that a majority of UK consumers (70%) believe they should shop locally, as the UK becomes far more conscious of food sustainability.

Shoppers mainly want to buy local because its better for the economy, improves the environment, and to be more patriotic according to a new survey commissioned by online retailer  (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest)

Reasons for wanting to buy locally across the UK:

Better for the economy – 36%
Important for the environment – 35%
Shows pride in my area/patriotic – 31%
More ethical – 29%
Better tasting – 27%

Consumers are even willing to pay more for locally-sourced produce. A huge 60% of UK consumers would be happy to pay on average 20% more to a local food supplier, with 1 in 10 of them happy to pay more than 50% over the standard supermarket price!

But what are we doing to be more ethical?

Over a third of Brits (34%) are buying products loose instead of using bags.
Over a third of 25-34 year olds place more importance on reducing plastic packaging when they buy food. More than any other age group.
Over half of the UK (53%) are taking their own plastic bags when doing the food shop in order to reduce plastic.
16-24 year olds the age group most likely to only buy products with plastic free packaging (20%).
32% of the UK say they do or would like to grow their own produce.

Which regions are most food conscious. (Percentage based on buying locally being VERY important to them)

Northern Ireland – 35%
Wales – 35%
East of England – 30%
Greater London – 27%
Scotland – 25%

Graeme Willis, Food and Farming Campaigner for the CPRE commented on the new research:

“It’s hugely encouraging that more and more people are aware of the value of buying locally-sourced produce and willing to spend more on local food. In these challenging times, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or confused about what we can do to help. But our choices about the food we buy make a real difference to where and how our food is produced and to the impact it has on people and planet.

Buying local is a great way to cut plastic use, reduce transport of food -especially air freight – to cut carbon and eat more seasonally. It’s a great way too to enjoy some of the freshest, tastiest and most wholesome food around and to try amazing varieties and flavour. Not least, people are beginning to realise it’s a fantastic way to support people in their community passionate about the food they provide and to form new connections with the land and landscape where they live.”

David Lawson, Managing Director at commented on the new research:

“As consumers are becoming more conscious about their carbon footprint and the need to help the environment, attention has turned to the food they’re buying and how far it has travelled to get to their kitchens.

“People are realising that buying from local providers, whilst more expensive, can provide better quality produce which is also better for the environment.

“Our campaign ‘From Farm to Fridge’ details the journey that some common staples in the average UK fridge have taken to get there, highlighting the food products which are racking up the air miles.”

You can take a look at the “From Farm to Fridge” – campaign here >

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