How Much Can Betting Really Make you?

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How Much Can Betting Really Make you?

One question sports fans often ask themselves is how much they could make from betting. Because, in the end, having deep knowledge of a sport and teams can make a passion or hobby more lucrative. However, this question doesn’t have a straightforward answer. It depends on what sport you like and what kind of betting you’re doing.
In a nutshell, you could expect at least a 5% profit in the long run if you’re doing it right. With this in mind, here’s how to bet properly at the bookies or online at Infogol or other trusted betting sites.

1. Find your edge against the market
This is perhaps the most complicated step in betting, but one you have to take early on if you want to score some success. The market is represented by bettors and bookmakers. The edge should be the minimum amount you want to win based on how much you invested.
Taking a practical example, if you’re betting on a game result at two odds, then your football team has to win at least 55% of the games for you to make a profit.
For a 5% edge – which is more or less the standard in the industry – you should have profits of at least £50 for every £1,000 invested.
Since finding the edge is not easy when you’re new to betting, we recommend practising without actually betting first. Take a pen and paper and write down the numbers. See how many times you would have won based on the bets you would have placed to calculate the edge and create a strategy.

2. Decide how much money you are willing to risk per bet
This is another factor that will ultimately determine how much you can make from betting. Obviously, the more you bet, the more you win. But you must also consider what happens if you lose.
Again, it all comes down to practice. Considering that the 5% edge is something only the best bettors can aspire to, you’ll likely have to increase your average stake if you want to make money out of betting.
Start small and enjoy your £50 profit at first, then gradually increase the stake as you’re becoming more confident.

3. Bet as much as you can
Ultimately, if you want to make real money out of betting, you should also increase the number of bets. Unlike the common misconception that the money made out of betting is easy money, the contrary is true. If you want to see a real profit, know that you’ll have to bet around £20,000 per month. To do that, you can either raise your stake or increase the number of bets. It is always best to mix the two, so you can increase your odds of winning and reaching your edge. Sure, the type of game, your knowledge, and financial reasons will determine how much you’ll stake for every bet you place. Following the above, though, could help you make thousands a month out of betting alone. Not too bad, is it?

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