‘Honest’ ways to cheat Online slots

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‘Honest’ ways to cheat Online slots

This topic has crossed most casino fans’ minds, especially when playing at sites such as WizardSlots. Some suggest that is not possible, while others believe to all the rumours they hear and end up losing money when they try them out.

Here, however, I will offer you a solid strategy that can be employed to cheat online casinos without even being in danger of getting punished.

  • Find the site with the biggest deposit bonus and exploit it in the fullest. By depositing the biggest amount of money to receive the full bonus you will be able to play long enough and spent the least of your own money. There was a casino in the past offering 150% bonus to up to 600£ deposit; players took such a big advantage of this that it actually went broke.
  • After you find this site(s), play the full amount until you don’t have remaining funds.
  • Choose games with high dispersion, by testing them in demo mode first.
  • Only play on games with multipliers, free bonus and free rounds.
  • Considering that you have deposited around 500£ and have made them 1000£ due to the bonus, bet from 7 – 15 per round; do this after you have checked how the machine plays in the demo mode.
  • Your aim is to get the bonus rounds, since most developers allow you to play the bonus round even after you have left the game. Do this across many slot games until you have no more funds available from the initial bonus deposit and then leave the bonuses untouched.
  • Now, you deposit some money without getting any bonus. However, don’t rush to claim all the bonus rounds since this would draw suspicion to your account. Play first on a low bet at any slot game, since there are ways to win without even cheating.
  • The aim of this is to raise the bet slowly to what you were playing with the bonus money and only then go back to resuming your bonus games. This way you can increase your account balance in an extremely fast way and earn huge profits.
  • However, you have to be careful because many casinos have some rules set to avoid this type of scam, since many players employed it in a period.

The above is one of the easiest way to earn huge amounts of money from casinos; some may face issues with account verification, due to prohibition of multiple accounts by many casino sites. Players may be required to provide a number of documents to validate their identity in order to create an account in some casinos. A way that people have employed to bypass this barrier is setting a job advertisement ad in the local newspapers to gather photocopies of IDs by other people.

Although I have never employed such a strategy, this is one of the only valid ones available if you actually want to cheat a casino.

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