For the Holidays, Earthstone Announces a Safer, More Effective Way to Clean Green & Gift Give

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For the Holidays, Earthstone Announces a Safer, More Effective Way to Clean Green & Gift Give

GrillStone conforms to all sides of your grill, getting it cleaner without the dangerous wires of regular grill brushes.


Ideal Stocking Stuffers for anyone wanting a less toxic home at the holidays and year round!

Give the environment a gift when you give the gift of an Earthstone product, made in the USA from recycled glass

Practical green stocking stuffers for DIY people and projects won’t endanger your home with toxic chemicals or wire grill bristles that can send you to the ER.

These all-natural cleaning blocks are cool stocking stuffers for family, friends or co-workers without toxic chemicals or dangerous wire BBQ brushes. Green clean and gift give for healthier homes.”— Laurie Brown, Chief Sales Officer for EarthstoneSANTA FE, NEW MEXICO, USA, November 6, 2017 / — Media Notice

All Natural Cleaning DIY Tools Have Been Featured on Today, GMA, Other Media


SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO — November 6, 2017 — This coming holiday season, a small U.S. company is offering both DIY shoppers and those looking for a new cleaning advantage a safer and more effective way to clean green and gift give with its most popular products, including two that have been featured on national TV like Today, Good Morning America, and QVC. Earthstone International’s products not only work exceptionally well, but are sustainably made from 98% recycled glass so you’re giving the environment a gift, too!

A sound alternative to conventional cleaning tools, Earthstone’s abrasive cleaning blocks make great, practical stocking stuffers for DIY people and projects. And they won’t endanger your family, friend, pets or co-workers with toxic chemicals, or dangerous grill and oven wire brush bristles that can flake off onto food and household surfaces, get into your GI tract and send you to the ER.

Earthstone International’s all natural cleaning abrasives — GrillStone, BathStone, KitchenStone, ToiletStone and QuikSand– each have their own specific benefits and accolades. And they’re easy to find throughout the U.S. at Lowe’s, Menard’s, Walmart, Home Depot, Fred Meyer, Kroger, King Soopers, Smith’s, Dillon’s, Fryes stores, and Bed, Bath and Beyond, including online at Earthstone International or Amazon. Gift prices range from $9.99 – $4.99, making them ideal for stocking stuffers, or as gifts kids can easily afford to buy.

GRILLSTONE: The CDC (Center for Disease Control) has a long-standing warning since 2012 about wire grill brushes after numerous cases where people were rushed to the ER to have the tiny grill bristles which broke off, removed from their intestinal track. GrillStone is not only safer, it’s also more effective because it conforms to all sides of the grill grates and gets the job done faster without a lot of effort. Ideal for that person who loves to grill year round!

• Good Morning America: Health Alert — Dangers of Using a Grill Brush
First Story — Upper Left side of page:

TOILETSTONE: Your guests are coming for the holidays, but that bathroom toilet with the water hard ring and rust stains, has always been a challenge. Now eliminating it altogether just got easier with the newest Earthstone cleaning block that won’t pose a poison risk to young kids in the home or expose you to toxic chemical fumes:

• According to Media Planet’s Wellness Guide, every year, 87,700 children alone are treated in hospital emergency rooms — and on average 39 children die every year — after unintentionally ingesting toxic household chemicals like hydrochloric acid. That’s why there’s always a DANGER warning on these product labels.

One happy customer noted he was going to buy a completely new toilet after failing to get rid of mineral stains in his old one exclaimed:

“I was close to spending $500 for a new green toilet since my old one had the calcium/lime stains that all super products and chemicals did not even attempt to remove. ToiletStone to the rescue! With a little elbow grease, our toilet looks brand new and our bank account is $500 richer. BRAVO! …and Thanks, ” wrote Joe, Newport, Washington.

• BathStone — ideal for hard water, soap scum, rust, mineral build-up, mold, and mildew on ceramic tiles and porcelain bathroom fixtures at the holidays or any time. It was also named the #2 best bathroom cleaner by a leading research authority in 2017.

• KitchenStone: Cleaning blocks that remove burnt food, from ovens, stoneware, ceramics, glassware, pots, pans, stove burners, and other cooking surfaces. Give it to your favorite chef!

• QuikSand: Sanding blocks to remove paint, smooth wood surfaces like walls, floors and boards and last longer than ordinary sandpaper. A DIY gift any woodworker will appreciate, or anyone on your list with a passion for projects inside and outside the home.

Watch for holiday specials and follow Earthstone’s product line news and information throughout the New Year at:

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