Gift heaven for Father’s Day: Newby Teas presents four specialty tea blends, perfect for the sophisticated tea-loving father

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Gift heaven for Father’s Day: Newby Teas presents four specialty tea blends, perfect for the sophisticated tea-loving father


Newby Teas of London presents the perfect selection for the health-conscious, tea loving, discerning father on this Father’s Day (18 June).

The four unique luxury blends come from the Newby Teas Classic Tea Bag Collection, which has this month been relaunched, reimagined and reintroduced as an enticing selection of new and classic blends (see editor’s notes).

All are available at Newby’s exclusive e-boutique:

Earl Green


The Newby original Earl Green is a lighter alternative to the well-loved classic (Earl Grey). It combines premium green tea with zesty oil of bergamot orange. A bespoke, newly-branded Newby blend, Earl Green is prepared using freshly-boiled water, cooled to 80 degC and brewed for 1-2 minutes.

Price: £5.50

Available at:

Earl Grey


A British traditional tea. Newby’s Earl Grey is a balanced black tea characterised by the subtle taste of bergamot, its smooth finish and appealing citrus fragrance.

Price: £4.50

Available at:

Milk Oolong


Newby’s Milk Oolong is a floral, balanced oolong tea blend that combines the finest Tieguanyin oolong tea with milk for a delicate creamy flavour.

Price: £6.50

Available online at:

Ginseng Oolong


Ginseng Oolong balances ingredients used in ancient medicine to enrich and enliven the body. It is a light and sweet tea with a floral aroma. The oolong is semi-fermented for a distinctive flavour and mixed with powdered ginseng root.

Price: £6.50

Available at:

Aneta Aslakhanova, Global Marketing Director Newby Teas said:

“These four teas make a wonderful, different and healthy gift for this Father’s Day. Whether enjoyed in the early morning, the late afternoon or during a clandestine moment in the day, each tea offers the precious gift of a fresh and flavourful experience and twenty-minutes of unadulterated peace.”

Gwen Hustwit, General Manager Creative & Marketing at Newby Teas said:

“Newly relaunched this month, the Classic Tea Bag Collection was inspired by time-honoured craftsmanship and seasonal flavours, providing a pleasurable and transforming experience for every occasion.”

Philanthropist and founder Nirmal Sethia, said:

“Whether celebrating Father’s Day one day of the year or for every day of the year, our mission is to introduce people to a world of deeply satisfying flavour, reviving an age when people took their time to truly savour the ritual of tea drinking.”

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