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Vitamin D: How much should I take?

Vitamin D is one of the most important nutrients to have in abundance, mainly due to the vast number of health benefits it can provide. The sporting community has become increasingly interested in vitamin D, with many athletes now advised to include a daily vitamin D supplement in their diets.

Vitamin D Deficiency

There is a growing amount of evidence, including a study I published in 2012 (Close et al, 2012), to suggest that many athletes are vitamin D-deficient, especially during the winter months. Other reports around the world have shown similar results, suggesting that vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency is widespread among athletic communities.

Although the consequences of such deficiencies are still unclear, impaired muscle function and reduced regenerative capacity, impaired immune function, poor bone health and impaired cardiovascular function have all been associated with vitamin D- deficient athletes. All these factors can have a detrimental impact on performance, so making sure you have a daily source of vitamin D is essential.

Sources of Vitamin D

Vitamin D synthesis, the process vitamin D goes through for it to be effective within the body, is activated through the reaction of the skin’s dermis with ultraviolet B radiation, which forms vitamin D3. Skin pigmentation can have an impact on the effectiveness of vitamin D synthesis, as melanin competes with this process for UVB radiation. This means that those with darker skin require exposure for longer or to a stronger source of UVB radiation to reach the same levels as those with lighter skin… see the full article at :-

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