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Harmoni – The Standing Revolution. harmonidesk.com

What? Harmoni Standing Desk

Why? Harmoni offers a bold new way to work and minimizes the assembly struggle. Four pieces of wood form an adjustable standing desk. Harmoni produces sustainably, locally in the US and wants to satisfy the two most fundamental desires of the average employee: to be healthy and to be productive at the same time! A cute idea not only for Easter.

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Product info: Harmoni – The Standing Revolution

Vision: Combining the desire of being healthy and productive at the same time.

The beautiful and affordable stand for your laptop or screen

• turns every table into a standing desk
• assembled and disassembled in less than a minute
• simple, elegant, contemporary
• natural design that fits seamlessly into any workspace
• crafted from strong and sustainable sourced birch plywood
• you can use it for your laptop & screens up to 10 kilograms (22 pounds)
• pricing: currently starts at $250
Take advantage of a smarter and healthier way of working

• minimizes blood clots, depression, musculoskeletal disorders & pain, metabolic problems
• boosts your productivity by 46% according to Texas A&M Health Science Center
• increases the chance of a long and healthy life, a study by Columbia University found that people who sat in 30-minute stretches had a 55% lower death risk
• recommended from doctors, e.g. Dr. Lyana Nepia (Chiropractor)

“You could have the best chair in the world but ultimately you are still not moving for hours on end! That’s why a standing desk is so much healthier; you can change position through the day.” – Dr. Nepia
Sustainable production

• natural, durable, renewable, recyclable, biodegradable
• made out of wood from local forests
• the inherently sustainable material requires much less energy to produce than aluminum or plastic
• produced locally

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