Grosvenor RFC Bucks Notes: Review of the Season

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Just wanted to say a big thank you to all the players that took to the field for the 4ths this year, in what has been a very productive year. All players played their part from the regular 4th players to the guys that answered late calls when struggling for numbers for whom which we wouldn’t have been able to fulfill all our fixtures.

Also big thank you to the other coaches in Gibbo, Waf, Marty, Patches and Neilly for the hard work at training and their support and willingness to find players for the 4th XV. Thanks to Stevie for helping with the team on saturdays, stepping in when I was unavailable and for writing many of the match reports.

I’ve had a look back at our record in the minor league in recent years, which just proves what a good year the 4th XV have had this year and also how Grosvenor have grown over the years as a club and continue to do so. Here are the stats:

Season 04/05 – 2nds Won 10/19 (53%) – Finished 6/12 (Scrubbed 3)
Season 05/06 – 2nds Won 1/13 (8%) – Finished 9/10 (Scrubbed 2)
Season 06/07 – 2nds Won 7/17 (41%) – Finished 5/11 (Scrubbed 1)
Season 07/08 – 2nds Won 10/19 (53%) Finished 5/11 (Scrubbed 1)
Season 08/09 – 3rds Won 5/14 (36%) – Finished 8/10 (Scrubbed 1)
Season 09/10 – 3rds Won 18/22 (82%) Finished 2/14 (None Scrubbed)
Season 10/11 – 4ths Won 7/16 (44%) Finished 8/11 (Scrubbed 1)
Season 11/12 – 4ths Won 13/20 (65%) Finished 3/11 (None Scrubbed)

Just to highlight this is our 2nd best finish (only beaten by the year of the Pythons) in the Minor League in 8 years, so it’s something to be proud of in how the 4ths have progressed this year. This was also coupled with a decent cup run in the MaCambley Cup, beating strong Rainey and Ards (the holders) sides before being knocked out by a useful Cookstown 1st XV side.

The 4s have integrated 4 players into the side, who were new to rugby this year in Jan, George, Chris Gibson and Feidhlim and all played their part, with the later moving up to play for the 3rds after some great performances.

At the start of the season the goal was not to scrubb any matches, we achieved that and finished in a good league position. Next year we need to build on this, not scrubb any matches and to push for that top spot which will certaining be achievable now that Ballyclare will be moved out of the league.

Again, big thank you to all the players and I look forward to see you at preseason next year, where we’ll start the hard work to improve on this seasons performance.



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