Brides and grooms, thank your wedding party with memorable gifts from Personalised Gifts Shop

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Wedding Party Gifts – Show Gratitude With Personalised and Memorable Gifts


Brides and grooms, thank your wedding party with memorable gifts from Personalised Gifts Shop
When you’re planning a wedding many brides and grooms have a team of family and friends behind them helping out, to ensure the big day goes off without a hitch. It’s important to show your gratitude to them, etiquette dictates that you present your wedding party with a token to show your appreciation, one great way to do this is with personalised gifts.
Luckily to help you get organised, have compiled a checklist of the important people you need to consider when planning, with great gift ideas of what to get.

Maid Of Honour

The maid of honour duties are endless and hugely important towards this special day. They help to plan, co-host and pay for the bridal shower and bachelorette party with the other bridesmaids; they will pick out dresses, shoes, jewellery and other wedding accessories and keep everyone in the bridal party in order.

Consider getting them:

• Monogrammed make-up bag to fill full of essentials for the day.
• Celebratory champagne glasses to share a pre-wedding drink in.


Making up the bridal party, bridesmaids are those closest to the bride, her personal confidants. There through thick and thin and the fun of the hen party, you want to buy your bridesmaids the perfect gift to thank them for being there for you.
• Personalised bridesmaids tote.
• Engraved jewellery to remember the day.

Best Man

An important role to fill for the big day, assisting your best friend through the nerve racking experience. From holding onto the bride’s rings as you stand beside the groom, to signing the marriage license as a witness after the ceremony. The list of duties goes on.
• Special day best man cufflinks, to wear on the day.
• An engraved hip flask, for wedding day emergencies.


The ushers are chosen by the bride and groom. They escort guests to their seats before the ceremony and are usually brothers, close male friends or relatives of the bride and groom. They are on hand to control wayward guests and round up people for photos as well as to give the groom a good time on his stag party!
• Personalised multi tool for your team.
• Personalised usher pint glass tankard, to share a pre wedding drink from.

Fathers of the Bride and Groom

Traditionally the father of the bride pays for the majority of the wedding, although the groom’s family are likely to contribute as well. They ensure wedding cars are on time, get the bride to the ceremony on time and, most importantly, walk the bride down the aisle before handing her over to her groom. The father of the groom also has an important role to be a support for his son and is

there to give advice and help when needed as well as of course to get him to the wedding on time too.
• Engraved whisky glass and whisky to drink to the happy couple.
• Heart shaped wooden cheese board.

Mothers of the Bride and Groom

The bride’s mother will have taken on most of the pre-wedding responsibilities; both mums take on significant roles in the planning process. With the groom’s mother a presence in the wedding planning alongside the bride.
• Personalised mother of the bride and groom album.
• Personalised engraved crystal wine glass.

Flower Girl

These are optional however they bring a cute side to the atmosphere. The flower girl is typically between three years to eight years old. They walk down the aisle spreading out flower petals or simply holding a nice bunch in their hands, before the bride and groom proceeds down to walk through.
• A cute personalised teddy bear thank you gift.
• Cute personalised charm bracelet to wear on the day.

Page Boy

Again optional, a young boy carries the bride’s train down the aisle. Page boys tend to be between the ages of three and ten. However the job role has slightly been tweaked over the years as now page boys can carry the rings placed onto a cushion.
• Personalised yo-yo to keep them entertained when it gets boring.
• Engraved money box so they can save up for their own wedding.

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