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Giant Game Show Board Game YouTube Videos – Ideas For Staying Busy

Luanga Nuwame is offering something unique and original


What he is doing on YouTube through his Homemade Game Guru channel is hosting his own giant house-sized board game, game show. Luanga invented a modular-octagon system of handmade cardboard game spaces that can fit together into an infinite number of board game configurations. Each space requires players to do a specific task. A test video in two days received 1,300 views, and the goal is to allow his viewers to participate and cheer on those playing the game. Viewers can also win free prizes by simply subscribing.

Each week a new tournament will be played with my family and friends. Subscribers who comment on the videos within the ‘Boardgame Game Show’ Playlist will be entered into a random draw. The chosen names will be linked to each person playing the physical game. When a player wins the tournament, that linked subscriber wins a prize that will be mailed to them anywhere in the world for free. Prior to the tournament video, a short video will be posted showing a selection of prizes a winner can choose from. These prizes will range from collectible toys, comic books, electronics, disinfecting products (which are rare these days) and artwork. The goal is to make the tournaments two to three times per week.

Under the ‘Boardgame Game Show’ Playlist, Luanga will show viewers how he made the game from beginning to end – thus, families can make their own version.

This is the link to the full test tournament video played between Luanga and his daughter:

Also, Luanaga’s Homemade Game Guru YouTube channel has over 100 unique cardboard craft videos parents and kids can use to make crazy things like furniture, prop weapons, comic book crafts and even swimming pools with just basic materials they already have.

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