Get ready to hop into the Easter spirit with a celebration of creativity and family bonding with multi-generational crafting!

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Get ready to hop into the Easter spirit with a celebration of creativity and family bonding with multi-generational crafting!

This Easter why not share the united crafting love with family and friends of all ages.

Get ready to hop into the Easter spirit with a celebration of creativity and family bonding with multi-generational crafting!

With Easter almost upon us, crafting experts Baker Ross invites crafters of all ages to come together for an unforgettable family crafting experience. From grandparents to grandchildren, aunties, and uncles everyone is encouraged to join in the fun with united crafting and create lasting memories whilst making unique Easter decorations and gifts.

At Baker Ross, they believe that crafting is more than just a creative outlet – it’s a bridge that connects generations and fosters meaningful connections. This Easter, Baker Ross are showcasing the benefits of united crafting, where seniors and younger family members can come together to share stories, skills, and laughter while working on creative Easter projects to share with the whole family.

Inter-generational crafting offers a wide range of benefits for participants of all ages. For seniors, it boosts cognitive function, and helps combat feelings of isolation or loneliness. For younger family members, it promotes hands-on learning, creativity, and the development of fine motor skills. Together, crafting encourages teamwork, problem-solving, and the joy of shared accomplishments.

From £4.50 families can make Easter crafts extra cute with the Pom Pom Bunnies! The pack includes 12 soft bunnies with felt carrots, perfect for adding a fluffy touch to your Easter crafts. From £3.95 add a touch of sparkle to your Easter crafts with our Mini Glitter Carrots! This pack includes 15 vibrant glitter carrots with soft green tops, perfect for embellishing Easter and Spring projects. These 3D
embellishments are versatile and ideal for bringing sparkle to various creative projects. From £6.95 the whole family can get involved in making the Mini Woven Baskets! The pack has six cute baskets, perfect for decorating and filling with small treats and gifts. Add your personal touch to these baskets with deco paint pens, glitter, and stick-ons and finish off your masterpiece by adding mini chicks, plastic eggs, or shredded tissue paper.

Crafting with family members of different ages is a wonderful way to celebrate the Easter season. Not only does it provide an opportunity for quality time together, but it also promotes learning, communication, and creativity across generations. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to create handmade decorations and gifts that will be cherished for years to come.

Baker Ross is already working with, and providing crafts for, a community partner The Lounge Alvechurch in Worcestershire, a registered charity in the UK that combines a community cafe by day with youth sessions in the evenings. It runs Friendship Matters gatherings for local seniors to combat loneliness and isolation run every Monday and one of the sessions is a getting to know you activity with a local school. The senior residents and children alike have loved crafting together.

Baker Ross have curated a selection of Easter craft kits and supplies that are perfect for crafters of all ages. From adorable Easter bonnets to colourful egg decorating kits, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. We want to encourage families and friends to get creative, experiment with different techniques, and most importantly, have fun together. This Easter let’s celebrate the joy of crafting and the bonds that unite us across generations. Whether you’re decorating Easter eggs, making Easter cards, or creating festive decorations, there’s no better way to celebrate the season than by crafting together with loved ones. Join us at Baker Ross and make this Easter a truly special and memorable occasion for the whole family.

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