Freshers Guide ! Part 3 Special Products & Services For Freshers & University Students.

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WaterField Designs Gentleman’s Duffel for Gym and Office, Bolt Duffle Bag uses materials suitable for the gym, office or any weekend pursuit.

“This is an absolutely superb bag and collection of essential quality luxury goods that I am absolutely delighted with, great crafting, so rich, and so successfully capturing the essence of convienence and smart thinking!” InTouch Rugby Lifestyle, Travel & Fitness Editor


WaterField Designs upgrades the beloved duffel in office-appropriate materials to fit right in at the gym, office or on any weekend pursuit. The roomy and refined Bolt Duffle Bag is available with one or two main compartments and in two sizes; thoughtful details like flaps that open and shut quickly with hidden magnets, waterproof zippers, and generously-sized leather handles, add to the bag’s exceptional performance.

WaterField Designs, an innovative maker of custom laptop sleeves, and designer bags and cases for digital gear, introduces the handsome Bolt Duffel Bag for professional and recreational use. Constructed from waxed canvas or ballistic nylon with premium leather accents, the Duffel is available with one or two main compartments and in two sizes. Thoughtful details like flaps that open and shut quickly with hidden magnets, waterproof zippers, and generously-sized leather handles, add to the bag’s exceptional performance. The Outback Duffel is roomy, functional, and refined.

The two-compartment model separates clean clothes from shoes and dirty clothes, and the one-compartment is sized just right for stacking folded shirts and sweaters neatly for a weekend trip. The Outback functions well as an executive workout duffel, an airline carry-on, or a weekender bag. Dual carry options further the Duffel’s utility—leather-gripped handles are long enough to alternate between hand and shoulder, and a removable shoulder strap includes a sliding shoulder pad. The sturdy materials and quality construction can withstand years of wear and tear.

“This Bolt DuffelBag has quickly become a wardrobe staple for me,” shared Gary Waterfield, company founder. “It’s so versatile—in addition to the gym, I take it on photo shoots; I use it as a bike bag; and sometimes it’s my office bag for all the work gear I have to carry.”

“This Bolt Duffel Bag has quickly become a wardrobe staple for me,” shared Gary Waterfield, company founder. “It’s so versatile—in addition to the gym, I take it on photo shoots; I use it as a bike bag; and sometimes it’s my office bag for all the work gear I have to carry.”

Bolt Duffel Bag features: 

-Choice of one cavernous main compartment with ample space for work gear, overnight excursions, or gym clothes; or dual compartments for separating clean items from others

-Waterproof YKK zipper—flanked by elegant leather strips—close main compartments

-Inside zippered pocket secures valuables and separates from main contents

-Two deep, softly-lined, front pockets fasten with hidden magnets

-Spacious open-topped, tapered pockets on either outside end stash quickly-needed items like water bottles and plane tickets

-Color combination options allow users to express individual style—black ballistic or tan waxed canvas base with black, chocolate or grizzly premium leather details

-Double handles and a removable shoulder strap with shoulder pad boost bag’s flexibility

-Drawstring, nylon shoe bag included

-Two sizes: large and small

The Bolt Duffel Bag is part of the WaterField Designs waxed canvas collection which includes the Staad Laptop Backpack, the Outback Solo over-the-shoulder bag for the MacBook Air and iPad, the Muzetto range and the Sleeves for iPads and Mac laptops.

Availability & Pricing 

The Bolt Duffel Bag is available exclusively from


Single main compartment: Small—$239. Large—$259.
Double main compartment: Small—$249. Large—$279.

Colors: Black ballistic nylon or tan waxed canvas with a choice of premium, naturally-tanned, full-grain leather details in black, chocolate or grizzly.

About WaterField Designs 

WaterField Designs manufactures custom-fitted, high-quality cases and bags for a full-range of laptop computers, tablets, smartphones, gaming devices, and other digital gear. All products are manufactured to exacting standards entirely in San Francisco. More information is available at














Helping graduates survive that first year at college.


The (just released) Infographic Guide to College  helps grads ease the transition between the comfort of high school and home, and the seemingly big, scary world of college!

This illustrated guide to college life has everything a student needs to get a head start and excel in their first year, from tips on getting involved around campus to advice about applying for loans and studying for exams.

The book includes colorful descriptions of all the skills a college student needs to survive and thrive in college, and advice about how to:

-Avoid the Freshman 15
-Declare a major
-Get around town
-Apply for a loan
-Ace exams
-Master study habits
-Stay healthy

128 pages | ISBN 9781507203361 | July 2017 | $16.99

See more at :-








Upgrade your college meal plan for only $15! >>

It’s almost time to pack your bags and hit the dorms! But, don’t worry… you don’t have to dread eating unhealthy dining hall food this fall. Don’t settle for sub-par expensive college meal plans this year. Avoid the long lines and the nuisance of walking to the dining hall with Fasta Pasta!

Throw out your Ramen Noodles, Hot Pockets and Easy Mac! The Fasta Pasta Microwave Cooker is the perfect way to enjoy home cooked pasta without the hassle. This product was deemed the Number 1 Microwave Pasta Cooker by America’s Test Kitchen Gadget Guru Lisa McManus! Even Food Network star Rachael Ray is a Fasta Fan!

The Fasta Pasta measures, cooks, and drains your pasta in one container in minutes. With its patented reservoir design, the water circulates throughout, ensuring perfect pasta every time. Busy students on-the-go will save time and money and still have a perfect pasta meal, just like if it was cooked in a standard pot.

Fasta Pasta is offered at $14.99, and comes with a cooking guide of simple recipes (it even cooks vegetables, soups, casseroles and rice!) This product is sure to turn the dorm room into a dining room…with no stove needed!

Available for Purchase on , and at specialty retailers nationwide. Retail Price: $14.99.


Kuissential Coffee Gadgets Will Help You Get You Through Your First Semester FACEBOOK | TWITTER

Heading back to college isn’t just about getting all the right books and supplies… we know how hectic your new schedule can be. Getting back on track with early alarm clocks, transitioning to after school sports and activities are stressful to adjust to. Rise and grind this fall and take the headache out of your morning routine, by starting out with the perfect cup of coffee! Now no matter whether you take it black, with lots of cream and sugar, hot or iced, latte, cappuccino or espresso we can ensure your coffee will taste perfect every time with Kuissential’s coffee gadgets. Your long nights of writing papers just got a little easier with only the best coffee to get you through your day (and long nights)!

To get the best tasting coffee from your favorite brewing method, you need to start with FRESH, EVEN grounds of coffee. The Kuissential EvenGrind is an excellent option for home grinding because it uses a patent pending system to deliver a very even grind size, something not found with current affordable grinders. This new manual burr grinder design yields a much more consistent grind size at a fraction of the price of electric conical burr grinders. The home grinder you choose should be as accurate as possible because each brewing method calls for a specific grind size. If your coffee grinder doesn’t let you set the grind size and doesn’t make even sized coffee grounds, then your coffee will not brew correctly. Whereas the old design for a manual grinder had an unstable, free floating burr, our Kuissential EvenGrind includes a removable stabilizing cage that keeps the burr steady while still being easy to clean and an upper and lower bearing for extra support and smoother handle turning. Retail Price: $39.99.

Unlike other brew methods, the 8-Cup Stainless Steel French Press gives you absolute control over the infusion time (longer infusion time produces a bolder and stronger cup). Perhaps more importantly, the unique screen filter of the French Press allows essential coffee oils to make their way into your cup; oils that would normally be blocked out and eliminated by paper filters. Retail Price: $59.99.

Don’t want to share a Keurig with your roommate, but still want single serve coffee? Simply place the Kuissential Ceramic Coffee Dripper over your mug, set the paper filter, add coffee and boiling water, and your java fix will be satisfied within minutes. Unlike cheaper plastic drippers and counter-top coffee machines, the ceramic design does not pass any odors or flavor into your coffee. Retail Price: $12.99.

Are you a coffee lover that wants to enjoy barista quality frothed milk in the comfort of your dorm room? The Kuissential Automatic Milk Frother will help you turn your milk or cream into a rich, delicious, fluffy foam, that will transport you mentally to the Italian Countryside as you enjoy your homemade cappuccinos and lattes. This Deluxe Frother also gives you the option to heat up the milk as it froths. Retail Price: $69.99.

All Kuissential products are available on Amazon and

Join the Waste-Free Lunch Movement This Back to School Season!

Help Save the Environment with D’Eco Collapsible Lunch Boxes!


Sadly, the lazy days of Summer are just about gone. Time to set that alarm clock again and give yourself enough time to start packing… lunches that is! This year, do yourself a favor and go back to school with a lunch box for everyone! Lunch boxes are bulky and hard to clean, and how much of your expensive plastic ware ends up in the trash? Oops! Stop wasting brown paper bags and go GREEN, BLUE, OR PURPLE with D’Eco Collapsible Silicone Lunch Boxes!

It’s estimated that on average a school-age child using a disposable lunch generates 67 pounds of waste per school year. That equates to 18,760 pounds of lunch waste for just one average-size elementary school. Admittedly, these products are extremely convenient, but what is the environmental cost to a country that relies so heavily on them? Many schools are pushing waste-free lunches, where everything must be either compostable or reusable, to reduce garbage and the cost of hauling it away. Think paper bags are better? Think again. The U.S. cuts down 14 million trees a year to supply the raw material to make paper lunch bags. Improve family lunchtime nutrition while reducing waste, with lunch boxes that cater to the needs of everyone in your family from elementary school to college!

This stylish container collapses to ⅓ its original size for easy storage, and is equipped with two compartments for those picky eaters! On-the-go and forgot your utensils? Don’t worry a matching fork and spoon snaps right into the lid! D’Eco Lunch Boxes are BPA and Phthalate FREE, as well as dishwasher and microwave safe.

Finally, the key to lunch bliss that you and your kids can use to eat lunch in style. D’Eco Lunch Boxes are perfect for on-the-go meals and snacks! Take them with you outside the school or work week, making a great companion for sporting events, picnics in the parks, outdoor concerts and long road trips in the car, rail or plane.

One person using reusable lunch containers over their lifetime would remove more than 22,000 plastic bags from the environment. Isn’t that an even better incentive?

Available for purchase on Amazon,, and specialty retailers nationwide.

Kids Collapsible Lunch Box retails for $12.99 and the larger version for adults is available for $19.99.

For all kids going back to school, consider this tiny device the eAlarm which emits an extremely high pitch sound a strategy proven to deter criminals and for emergency services to pinpoint an injured or distressed persons location!


We build things to help keep you safe. And we love to explore.

*The World’s Smallest SOS Alarm

*A rugged SOS alarm tailored for the outdoor enthusiast.

*An SOS alarm with built-in 911 response.

B A S U eAlarm

Explore the city confidently with a personal safety device ​designed to be compact. ​
B A S U eAlarm+
Explore the outdoors confidently with a personal safety device ​designed to be rugged.

“I had to use your device after only having it for a little over a month. Thanks for helping my dad prevent even more injury than the would be robbers already did to him. He was injured but he’ll be ok. It definitely scared that perpetrator off! So thank you.” -Lindsay W.

The Proof is in the Numbers

“Up to 68% of criminals will leave a crime scene completely empty handed once an alarm is heard.”

“Most bears (81%) were repelled.”


-Crime deterrent

-Animal Repellent

-Rescue Signal

The CarGo Seat combines a car booster seat with a rolling suitcase for children. It is the 2-in-1 kids booster seat that transforms into a travel suitcase… for children on the move! >>

Luggage and Travel Needs?


The CarGo Seat is an occasional-use product, perfect for family holidays, weekends away and car journeys and has 12 litres of storage space – plenty of space for children’s toys, gadgets and clothes.

Suitable for kids 6-10 and follow all normal booster seat safety regulations.

For more information, please visit:

CarGo Seat is a unique child booster seat for children aged 6-10yrs that converts to a pull along suitcase.

The suitcase will act as travel storage with a telescopic handle and carry strap. It will have storage volume to accommodate clothing and toys. Once placed in the car seat, two release buttons will allow the pop up seat belt guides to engage turning the suitcase into a booster seat.

By offering a booster seat that goes beyond the normal limitations, is transportable and has additional uses, we believe that it can deliver a premium product into the market through direct and eventually established distribution channels and over time, build brand identity and recognition that will allow it to develop a range of offerings in the child products sector.

A unique child booster seat that converts to a roller travel suitcase. FMVSS213 approved US & ECE reg 44 RSSR Canada pending.
Scottish Edge Wild Card & Edge winner 2015

2 Super useful Back To school Staples….. Dry Erase Markers with Ink Indicator from EXPO & Elmer’s Disappearing Purple Liquid School Glue!

EXPO recently launched their newest product, Dry Erase Markers with Ink Indicator, which feature clear ink barrel, where teachers and parents alike can now see exactly how much ink is remaining in the markers is also taking craft projects to the next level with two new products. Elmer’s Disappearing Purple Liquid School Glue goes on purple but dries clear so teachers can see exactly where students are gluing, and Elmer’s Re-Stick Glue Stick, which allows for the reposition of items for up to five minutes. Parents and teachers can purchase these products at several retailers for under $10! Everyone loves non-expensive school supplies.

EXPO’s Dry Erase Markers with Ink Indicator has a clear ink barrel, where teachers and parents alike can now see exactly how much ink is remaining in the markers.

The markers are available in retailers such as Walmart, Target, Staples, Office Depot and Amazon. EXPO Dry Erase Markers with Ink Indicator are available in pack sizes ranging from two to six markers with an MSRP of $8.01 – $24.08.

See more at :-

Elmer’s is taking craft projects to the next level with Disappearing Purple Liquid School Glue that goes on purple but dries clear so teachers can see exactly where students are gluing, and Elmer’s Re-Stick Glue Stick, which allows for the reposition of items for up to five minutes to make sure projects come out great!

Elmer’s Disappearing Purple Liquid Glue is available at popular retailers such as Target, Wal-Mart and Amazon, and retails between $0.99 – $3.99. See more at :-

Elmer’s Re-Stick Glue Stick is available at popular retailers such as Target, Wal-Mart and Amazon, and retails between $1.29 – $35.99. See more at :-



NüDEST Foods, All Natural Grab N’ Go Snack! Fruit & Yogurt Blend with a choice of oats or wheat, for adults & kids! >>

“What an amazing pre and post workout nutrition option!” Sports & Fitness Editor InTouch Rugby


All Natural Grab N’ Go Snack
Fruit and yogurt blend with a choice of oats or wheat made with only
natural ingredients for adults and kids.

NüDEST is perfect on-the-go food, made from 100% natural fruit puree, greek style yoghurt and whole grains, packed in a neat pouch ready for you to enjoy.


See more & order online at or buy in stores!

NüDEST is perfect food for on-the- move, made from 100% natural fruit puree, Greek style yoghurt and whole grains and packed in a neat pouch ready to enjoy anywhere. Pop it in your handbag or gym bag for a delicious and nutritious on-the- go snack. Containing absolutely no nasties – no added sugar, preservatives, artificial flavourings or colours. These nourishing packs of goodness are true nudists; stripped bare of all the bad stuff!

The NüDEST philosophy is all about keeping things simple, stripped down and minimal – in life and in food! NüDEST re-sealable pouches are free from artificial ingredients, bursting with delicious flavour and full of wholesome energy.


ALLERGIES: AllerWare is a Mum owned company that provides Stickers, Bracelets, Zipper Tags,  even Temporary Tattoos reminding adults about your child’s allergies! >>


For the 5.9 million children living with food allergies these products could help save their life and provide parents piece of mind when they can’t be there:

AllerWare is a mom owned company that provides piece of mind for parents of children living with food allergies.

Parents and teachers of children age 6 months to 6 years love our;

Stickers – use them on clothing, water bottles, lunch boxes, snack containers, or other surfaces as a tangible reminder of a serious allergy.
Bracelets – customizable, one-time-use paper bracelets won’t come off, so teachers and caregivers will always know what to avoid. They are safe, comfortable, and designed to stay on for the day.
Zipper tags – which can be used on backpacks, lunch bags, jackets…
Temporary tattoos – which are a vibrant and visible way to tell others about a child’s specific allergy.
Each of these products are a great way to remind new teachers, classmates and cafeteria workers about a childs life threatening allergy.

Parents of tweens and teens love our stickers and zipper pulls, perfect for cell phones and back backs or lunch bags.

To learn more about us and our products please visit,



(Please note the pacifier is also only available via on >>



(Please note the waist/fanny pack are available through on >>


   GoGo SQUEEZ Yogurtz & Applesauce On The Go Options are the perfect Mums, School Children & Freshers this new Semester & Of course as a late Summer treat for everyone!


GoGo squeeZ, the nutritious, on-the-go applesauces and yogurts in a pouch.

Since 1998, GoGo squeeZ® has been the leading squeezable, all natural, 100 percent fruit applesauce in a pouch. GoGo squeeZ provides Goodness On The Go with more than 15 flavors of squeezable applesauce, and 4 flavors of shelf-stable, squeezable yogurt. GoGo squeeZ is committed to healthy nutrition for kids with each pouch being crafted with the highest quality natural ingredients, and is a Women’s Choice Award and National Parenting Product Award winner. GoGo squeeZ is a delicious snack that kids love and that parents can feel good about.

A bit about the brand:

GoGo squeeZ YogurtZ offer 4 grams of protein and are a good source of calcium and vitamin D. They come in four fruit flavors: Blueberry, Banana, Berry, and new Blueberry YogurtZ. Best yet? They’re fridge-free, so they’re a great snack on the go.

GoGo squeeZ applesauces are non-GMO, gluten free, and are made with no added sugars, dyes, or preservatives. They come in more than 20 different varieties, from Apple Pumpkin Spice to Organic Boulder Berry.

Five reasons your child might get lice!

Head lice Hotspots


Most children will experience head lice at some point when growing up, with children aged between four and 11 being most susceptible1. Hedrin estimates that between 10-20% of children will be suffering from head lice at any one time. Despite it being common, lice can be a concern for parents, with a survey by Hedrin revealing that a third of parents feel stressed about finding lice and almost half fear judgement from others if their child has lice2.

Whilst it is widely believed that head lice can jump from on head to another, in reality they can only be transferred through head-to-head contact. In order to help you prepare for a potential outbreak, here are some of the hotspots where children make head-to-head contact and may get head lice:

Close contact can occur when children literally get their heads together over group project work at school. In addition most primary schools have two to three playtimes a day where children might be inseparable from their best friends, bumping into one another, getting up close and chatting in the playground; all scenarios which can help head lice spread. With that in mind, schools and parents can download or request a useful pack to help manage an outbreak. The pack includes posters for schools, head lice alert cards and a letter to send to parents, as well as a parent’s guide and a family planner.

Sleepovers often involve late nights, midnight feasts, getting cosy for the latest film or crowding together over the trendiest gadget. All these activities involve several children in close proximity which generates a lot of close head-to-head contact, making it the prime opportunity for lice to spread. Therefore, when you send your child on their next sleepover, try protecting from lice with a clinically proven product such as Hedrin Protect & Go. If you haven’t had a chance to take preventative measures then it is a good idea to check their hair for any sign of lice when they return bleary eyed the next day. In general, it’s good to remember “once a week, take a peek”.

The selfie culture is another cause for concern when it comes to the spreading of lice. The tendency to snap away to get that perfect shot leaves plenty of time for lice to transfer between heads. As more and more friends gather to get in the frame, the lice can make the most of their opportunity and sure enough, the letter home to parents is as good as on its way.

Besides school friends, children often spend lots of close contact with their siblings, so whether they are sitting around the television, or engaging in a bit of rough and tumble play, they have a lot of direct contact which is an ideal opportunity for lice to spread. If you do find a child has head lice, make sure you treat with a clinically proven product such as Hedrin Once which takes just 15 minutes to work and only requires one treatment. It is also important to remember that you only need to treat the hair if you find live lice, it is not necessary to treat the whole family ‘just in case’ but you should check everyone – including Mum and Dad.

While it is less common for adults to get head lice, as they are less likely to make head-to-head contact with others, it is still possible, particularly for parents and grandparents. Activities such as reading your child a bed time story can sometimes be enough to catch the little critters. As you read a favourite story (possibly for the seventh time that week) and as your child clambers over to get a better look at the illustrations, it creates the perfect opportunity for lice to crawl from your child’s head to your own or even the other way around.

Be wary of the situations and check your child’s hair regularly, however if the inevitable does happen, use a quality product to rid of the infestation quickly and make sure that you check everyone else in the family.

Protect against lice with Hedrin Protect & Go

Hedrin Protect & Go is a fuss-free spray which, when applied twice-a-week, protects children from a louse infestation by breaking their life cycle and killing lice before an infestation can become established.

The Orange & Mango scented conditioning spray is also ideal for times when the risk of infection increases, such as the beginning of a new school term, at children’s parties and following an outbreak letter from the school.

The protection spray contains an organic compound called 1,2-octanediol (Activdiol®) which disrupts the life cycle of head lice preventing their spread. It is easy to apply and dries naturally leaving the hair looking healthy and conditioned.

Christine Brown, school nurse consultant and head lice specialist, said: “Head lice infestations can be hugely frustrating for parents and children alike. An effective preventative solution that offers greater control and reassurance is not only a real breakthrough, but could drastically reduce the number of infections. The spray is also kind to children’s hair and should be used as part of the regular cleaning regime, much the same as cleaning teeth or using a shampoo.”

Hedrin Protect & Go Spray is available in 120ml £4.29, 200ml £6.29 and 250ml £7.29. Available from pharmacies and leading retailers including Boots. It is skin friendly and contains no known asthma triggers.

Treat lice with Hedrin Once

Hedrin Once is clinically proven to kill lice and eggs with just one 15 minute treatment4,5. A thicker gel formulation which contains Penetrol®, to aid penetration into the louse egg, Hedrin Once has been awarded the esteemed ‘Stamp of Approval’ from Mumsnet after 250 parents gave it the all-round thumbs up.

Christine Brown, community nurse and head lice specialist, said: “It is important to deal with head lice promptly to prevent the infestation from spreading further. By only requiring a single 15 minute application, Hedrin Once Liquid Gel significantly shortens the process for treating head lice, making it easier for parents, and increasing the chances of successful treatment.”

Available in spray gel (60ml £7.14, 100ml £11.73) and liquid gel (100ml £10.20, 250ml £17.86). Available from leading retailers including Boots.

1 Headlice and nits. 2016. NHS choice.

2 One Poll survey of 2,500 parents (4-15 years old), March 2016

3 Head Lice in Schools. 2014. National Teachers Union. {Available at:} Last Accessed December 2016

4 Burgess IF, Burgess NA. Dimeticone 4% liquid gel found to kill all lice and eggs with a single 15 minute application. BMC Research Notes 2011; 4: 15.

5 Burgess IF1, Brunton ER, Burgess NA. Single application of 4% dimeticone liquid gel versus two applications of 1% permethrin creme rinse for treatment of head louse infestation: a randomised controlled trial. BMC Dermatol. 2013 Apr 1;13:5.

Little Explorer Messenger Bag by GEO JOURNEY £12 >>


A trendy purple messenger bag ideal for little explorers.

This lovely and uniquely designed bag is part of our travel collection to inspire children to learn about the world.

In a striking purple and white colour combination, it will suit both boys and girls looking to stand out from the crowd.

The bag has a main zipped compartment and a handy pocket at the front, also with a zip fastening.

Great for adventures, travelling, swimming and even school!

The back of the bag is decorated with stamp designs representing different countries around the world.

made from:

100% PU Leather


28cm x W22cm x D6.5cm

See more at :-

Inspire children to learn about the world in a fun way.

Geo Journey is all about making learning fun and inspiring young imaginations!

Start with one of our adventure kits for little explorers or little astronauts.

Little Explorers

The adventure kits come with everything they need including a cute mini suitcase, travel journal and passport, as well as stickers, photos, and a travel ticket so they make a start on their travel journal straight away.   Over time, different country packs can be added to build a unique travel journal and passport the child can keep forever.

Kids will learn all about different countries and cultures by following the adventures of our lovable characters Geo and Atlas who visit different countries.  The adventure kit and all of the country packs come with a fact filled letter from Geo and Atlas detailing their adventures and teaching little ones about capital cities, popular foods, cultural events and famous landmarks.  They might even learn a few new words in French, Spanish or Italian!

See more at :-





Back to School with The Entertainer


The summer holidays are nearly over, but heading back to school doesn’t have to be a chore! The Entertainer, one of the UK’s best-loved toyshops, has thousands of fun and educational toys and games to help your child as they go back to learning for another year. Have a look at some of The Entertainer’s favourites below…

Bobble It Fancy Flowers – Age 5+

Bobble It is a fun, creative, mess free way to play, and children can show off their amazing flowers to friends at school with this kit. Including multiple vibrant colours, stalks and a vase, this stretchy foam modelling material can easily be moulded into wonderful fancy flowers. With enough Bobble It to make five flowers, it makes for hours of entertainment. Perfect for the little artist! RRP: WAS £15 NOW £7.50

Out to Impress Colour Your Own Backpack and Pencil Case – Age 5+

Any crafty child will love this amazing individual backpack and pencil case, and it’ll make going back to school a bit more fun with some brand-new kit. The backpack and pencil case are covered in empty stencils, ready to be creatively decorated by the five different colouring pens included. A personal way to store everything your child needs for school. RRP: £20

Experimake Rockets and Beyond – Age 8+

An easy way to get children back into the swing of learning, this set is fun and entertaining all at once. Including everything you would need to make exciting explosive rockets ad launching missiles, the set is perfect for hours of fun. There’s even a space buggy to zoom into space and a balloon rocket! RRP: £20

Experimake Superb Sea Shaped Soaps – Age 8+

This kit is a great way for children to learn and have fun. Children can create their very own soaps, and find out about the origins of soap making at the same time! Through making six colourful scented soaps, your child will learn the science of how soap makes skin clean. They can even wrap them up in a beautiful gift bag and label at the end to gift to family and friends. RRP: £20

Experimake Colourful Crystal Creations – Age 8+

This colourful set teaches children about crystals, and gives them the responsibility to make their own. Children can grow their initial crystals, and learn how crystals are formed, then progress to growing crystal stars, flowers and gigantic crystals. The kit even allows children to write secret crystal messages and make a sparkly fish. Days of colourful crystallised excitement! RRP: £20

For more information about The Entertainer’s range of toys and to hear about the latest offers please visit:

Bioglan SmartKids range and Sambucol for Kids

Add to your Back-to-School kit list essentials

NEW Bioglan SmartKids range offers an exciting variety of supplements which provide your child with high levels of essential nutrients – cleverly hidden in the most delicious formats. Kids will love it -no matter how fussy the eater. Smart Mums choose SmartKids!

Sambucol For Kids is a great-tasting berry flavoured syrup, founded on the qualities of Black Elderberries and Vitamin C for immune support in children under 12.

Omega 3 Brain Formula – especially designed to support brain health and cognitive development. This squirtilicious citrus chewable is bursting with Omega-3 from fish oil – with especially high levels of fatty acid DHA, best known for its role in brain health. Help support your little ones in reaching their full potential as they head back to school.

Happy Tummies Yoghurt Balls – are a fun and delicious way to take probiotics. Fight unfriendly bacteria and provide their tummies with 1 billion good bacteria to support a healthy digestive system.

Fussy Eaters Multivitamin – especially designed for those little fussy eaters! This delicious fizzilicious multi-vitamin contains 17 important nutrients PLUS a fruit and veg blend for that extra boost of nutritional goodness.

SmartKids Superfood Shake –Mum’s best kept secret! Packed with heaps of nutritious hidden fruit and vegetables – and disguised in a chocolicious cacao-flavour shake to add to milk, smoothies or yoghurt. This is the perfect after-school heathy treat.

Every parent worries when their child goes back to school or when they are starting nursery for the first time, especially with all of those bugs and germs just waiting to be shared. That’s why parents love Sambucol.

A Black Elderberry juice packed with added vitamin C, the Black Elderberry has anti-viral properties and boosts immunity, making it ideal for boosting immune systems and fighting cold and flu. Black Elderberry has more than 50% the antioxidant power of other fruits like blueberries. It is also a natural suitable alternative safe for children since the ban of Echinacea in children under 12s. And tastes very, berry good!

Bioglan SmartKids

Bioglan SmartKids range is part of the Bioglan portfolio –a provider of high-quality Vitamin, Mineral and Supplement products offering unique and high-strength formulations which really make a difference. The SmartKids range provides four products in exciting formats – with a fun, friendly approach making it easier than ever for parents to ensure children get the nutrients they need every day.

Brain Formula Omega 3 It comes in a delicious citrus flavour and Children 4+ can chew one capsule per day (Available for £9.99 at Holland & Barrett)

Happy Tummies Yoghurt Balls Each yoghurt ball contains 1 billion good bacteria -lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis – two well-known and researched strains. Children aged 4+ can enjoy one strawberry yoghurt ball daily! (Available for £9.99 at Holland & Barrett)

Fussy Eaters Multivitamin It combines lots of essential vitamins and minerals together with a high ORAC blend of fruit and veg. They come in a berrilicious Blackcurrant & Strawberry flavour. (Available for £9.99 at Holland & Barrett)

SmartKids Superfood Shake this Superfood shake is perfect for a before or after school snack, or for busy kids on the go, without any of the nasties like added sugar and artificial sweeteners. So easy to add to milk, smoothies, cereal, yoghurt (or if they’re being extra demanding, maybe mix in to their occasional ice cream treat)! (Available for £9.99 at Holland & Barrett)

Sambucol Kids Liquid (120ml)

Sambucol for Kids is one of the best-selling products in the Sambucol immune support range.

Kids love it because it tastes delicious and parents love it because it’s backed by scientific studies.

Sambucol is a high quality Black Elderberry juice that has been show to shorten the duration of flu from 6 to 2 days. The randomised, double-blind, placebo controlled trial concluded that Black Elderberry juice significantly reduced the duration of influenza. The researchers found that Black Elderberry juice was an efficient, safe and cost effective treatment for influenza.1

Black Elderberry has been shown to have a more potent antiviral effect than Echinacea1
Contains Black Elderberry Juice & Vitamin C to help support immune system
High antioxidant levels and Antivirin® action.
No artificial colours or flavours
Scientifically tested
Suitable for children aged 1 -12 years
Non-drowsy, alcohol free
Suitable for vegetarians & vegans

Sambucol® for Kids (RRP £8.67) Suitable from 1+. Available from Boots, Holland & Barrett, Tesco, Waitrose, Ocado, Amazon, Chemist Direct and independent health stores and pharmacies.

[1] Vivian Barak et al, 2002, The Effect of Herbal Remedies on the Production of Human Inflammatory and Anti-inflammatory Cytokines. Herbal Remedies Affect Cytokine Production, volume 4

Back To School Essentials from Smiggle, example, Hello Scented Hardtop Pencil Case £13.50 €16.00 & Smiggle Says Hardtop Lunchbox £19.00 €24.00 Instore Now & Online @


Hello Scented Hardtop Pencil Case £13.50 €16.00

Fall in love with the sweet smelling, amazing embossed designs on the Smiggle favourite hardtop pencil case. Open the double zips to see the internal mesh pocket and pen holder insert inside to keep your smiggle stationery organised.

Smiggle Says Hardtop Lunchbox £19.00 €24.00

Keep your lunch fresh in this cool hardtop lunchbox from our Smiggle Says collection! Includes two compartments with double zips, a name label, carry handle, adjustable shoulder strap and drink bottle holder.

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The Big School Buddy will help prepare and build the excitement and make sure you and your family count down to the start of school with a smile!

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Starting school or going back to start in a higher year can be an exciting but daunting time for parents and their children the Big School Buddy will help to prepare and build the excitement and make sure you both countdown to the start of school with a smile. The Big School Buddy is available in pink and blue.

The Big School Buddy includes a cuddly toy which makes a perfect companion at bedtime, a hanging calendar with tear off slips and stickers to reward extra special behaviour.

Buddy Bears will make the special times in your little people’s life count.

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My Nametags labels are perfect for children’s items, particularly school uniforms and sports equipment, helping to significantly reduce the amount of stuff that goes missing! >>


Research by My Nametags has found that on average we lose 3,000 items in our lifetime, including 384 pens. Their labels are perfect for children’s items, particularly school uniforms and sports equipment.

Lost property is a huge problem in schools and sports clubs across the UK. That’s not surprising given that children lose up to 1,000 items during their school years. Ahead of the new school year, simply labelling their items could help to significantly reduce the amount of stuff that goes missing!
My Nametags labels are easy to apply. Our coloured iron-ons are perfect for clothing and can be applied in less than 15 seconds. They even come with a 10 year washing guarantee. The coloured stickers can be placed on items or the care labels in clothing. They will stay in perfect condition in the dishwasher or even inside shoes.

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