Fresh Ideas for a Girls’ Night Out

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Fresh Ideas for a Girls’ Night Out

The typical things that you do with the girls can start to get a little
stale after a while. You need new and fun things to do which aren’t the
same things that you do every weekend. Sure, going to a club or for a
mani/pedi isn’t bad, but there are so many things to do out there. Try
these three things next time you are looking to spend time with the girls.

1. Have a Game Night

Game nights don’t mean a lame evening of Scrabble or Monopoly anymore.
With some of the new games that are out there, you and your friends can
have a great time and even let that raunchy side get out. New party
games are some of the most popular ones out there and are made for a
crowd. While some of these games may not work if you have anyone that
is too sensitive or conservative in your group, there are plenty of
other ones out there which are good for all audiences. To find some
games which are totally different, think about finding one through a
crowd funding site like Kickstarter. Many times you will get a game as a
gift for a larger donation if that developer meets their goal.

2. Doggy Play Date

BowlersParadise-1-1 (2)

If you and your friends all have dogs, a doggy play date is the way to
go. Meet up with the girls at an especially nice dog park, beach or
other outdoor areas. Not only will you get to socialize, but your furry
companion will be able to get a workout. Do a search for places to take
your dogs in your areas online.

3. Bowling

BowlersParadise-1-2 (2)

Bowling is not just for men and is actually a great sport for spending
time with the girls. Not only will you get to compete with your
friends, but you will get some exercise in as well. Don’t forget that
you and your friends can join a women’s league so that you can have a
designated night out every week. When you buy bowling
, shoes and other equipment from,
you and your friends will have the edge when you are competing among
other teams at the bowling alley.

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