Foyle Hovercraft Activities + Lots More: Info + Interviews with David Wilson & Jamie Mark:

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Experience the thrill of gliding over land and water on a cushion of air at 40mph, on our purpose built grass track with abundant water hazards and tricky hairpins and bends. Capable of carrying 2 people, although best performance is achieved as a single seater, our specially designed Eagle 447 craft, are easy to operate with minimal tuition, but require nerve and new “driving skills”, to maximise the exhilaration of skimming in and out of water hazards at high speed.

Under 16’s must be accompanied by one of our instructors.

[youtube V6enOM4c3Do]

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Powerturn Buggying
A new concept in off road buggies, these extremely agile, roll cage buggies, bring a whole new dimension to acrobatic buggying. With each rear wheel having it’s own engine, forward thrust and steering is achieved through throttle columns, which will test your coordination and reflexes to their limits. Wheelies, 360° turns, spins, and straight line spurts, can be achieved with a little practice, and as they are twin seater, they offer great opportunities for teamwork.

Under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult who drives the buggy.

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[youtube 94T3TR2szgw]
Laser Clay Shooting
The ultimate in friendly competition, with 5 guns all shooting at the same target – who can hit it 1st, or most often, or at all!

A variety of different games can be selected, and the master scoreboard reveals a running total for all the marksmen. Our experienced M.C. will provide a running commentary on the progress -or lack of it- for all participants. Hugely entertaining, with a competitive edge! Available to all ages, if capable of holding the authentic shotguns, and also can be hired for off site parties or events.

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Target Archery
Another new skill to be acquired, the ancient art of archery provides a little relief from the buzz of the motorised activities. However, it does require skill and concentration to get the best results from our modern competition bows. Personal tuition from an experienced archer, with tips on technique and principles of archery, will let you leave feeling like Robin Hood. Available to all ages, if capable of drawing the bow.

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Max Combat
If you’re a computer gamer, or just someone who wants to try something new, Max Combat is the forerunner in real life combat simulation that anyone of any ability can enjoy to the full.

Players can experience realistic combat conditions and interact with other players in complete safety within our specially designed battle arena.

Issued with replica weapons and assigned a team, players are given a variety of missions to complete, using a combination of tactics, skill and teamwork to win their objectives.

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Other facilities
Comfortable reception area, with toilets and showers. Personal lockers available. Tea and Coffee, soft drinks and ice creams.

Protective overalls provided for hovercrafting and buggying, along with safety helmets and life-jackets. Transport from reception to site by tractor & customised trailer.

Activity Packages
All day corporate packages, including pub lunch and complimentary tea/coffee – for up to 20 people.
½ Day corporate packages, with complimentary welcome tea/coffee – for up to 20 people.
Hourly rates for all activities or a mixture of activities. ½ Hourly rates for individual activities.
15 min taster sessions for hovercrafting and buggying. 5 min piloted rides for under 16’s or nervous pilots.
Family rates for our 4-seater piloted craft.
Laser Clay System can be hired for private parties and events off site. Both indoor and outdoor systems available.



Ian, Charles, Jamie or David.
Foyle Hovercraft & Leisure
71, Carrowclare Road,
Co. Londonderry, BT49 9EB

Tel: 028 777 22235

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