Former rugby union player Will Greenwood shares his deathwishes… What would your deathwishes be?

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Former rugby union player Will Greenwood shares his deathwishes
What would your deathwishes be?


One of England’s greatest ever rugby union players Will Greenwood, has joined the DeadHappy movement that’s getting people to think about what they want to happen when they die.

From freeing all rugby clubs of parking attendants to having Peter Kay entertain the guests at his funeral, Will wants everyone to know what his deathwishes are.

What are deathwishes? Well, they’re DeadHappy’s way of encouraging people to think about and talk about death with their family and friends. Death will happen to everyone, but at least this way it means that the people left behind will know what their loved one wanted to happen once they were gone.

What would your deathwishes be?

About DeadHappy

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