Foodies – Forget FOMO with EatEnjoy…Hope is here for the gluten and dairy intolerant with EatEnjoy Dairy and EatEnjoy Gluten!

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Foodies – Forget FOMO with EatEnjoy…
Hope is here for the gluten and dairy intolerant with EatEnjoy Dairy and EatEnjoy Gluten!


EatEnjoy Dairy and EatEnjoy Gluten are innovative nutritional supplements designed to help those who suffer from dairy and gluten intolerance effectively manage their symptoms – and enjoy the foods they love again!
Made from unique blends of enzymes, and available now exclusively from, if you suffer from dairy or gluten intolerance these clever little capsules are just the handbag helper you need.
It’s estimated that 13% of the UK population are sensitive to gluten, while the level of lactose intolerance across the whole UK population is around 5% (though in some communities it can be much higher, at 95% and above). That’s a whole lot of people who have to hold back at the buffet, say no thanks to a slice of birthday cake, or feel left out when the menus go round at dinner…
So, down to the science – how do they work? Gluten consists of several different proteins which are extremely difficult to digest. EatEnjoy Gluten is carefully formulated from a combination of digestive enzymes, which work by breaking down these proteins which can help alleviate the symptoms associated with gluten sensitivity.
Scientists agree that the main cause of lactose intolerance is the body’s inability to effectively break down the sugars in lactose because of a lack of the right digestive enzyme – lactase. It’s a genetic fact that many people just don’t produce enough lactase enzyme to cope with dairy products. EatEnjoy Dairy is a unique blend of digestive enzymes, lactase and protease, specially formulated to help you to enjoy dairy foods.
So say bye bye to bloating, sayonara to stomach cramps, and choose the foods you really want to eat with a little help from EatEnjoy.

EatEnjoy capsules come in convenient packaging, in perforated blister packs, which means they are easy to carry around and discreet when you want to pop one in. Simply take one capsule of EatEnjoy a few minutes before eating, or with the first couple of bites of your meal, to feel the benefits.

EatEnjoy is sold exclusively in the UK by Pharmavita and is available to buy from at a price of £9.99 for 20 capsules of EatEnjoy Gluten, and at a price of £6.99 for 10 capsules of EatEnjoy Dairy.
EatEnjoy Dairy and EatEnjoy Gluten are innovations from Pharmavita, a UK-based business which searches the world for exciting and innovative food supplements and nutritional products designed to help people live life to the full. The Pharmavita team are experts with many years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry and all of its products are made in state of the art medical-grade production facilities.

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