For The Foodie And Spice of Your Life This Christmas From SPLAT

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For The Foodie And Spice of Your Life This Christmas From SPLAT



For the foodie and spice in your life SPLAT’s CHILI toothpaste is must. This innovative CHILI toothpaste contains spicy chili pepper extract which maintains gums by improving blood circulation and penetration of nutrients into the gums, thus improving gum elasticity and density. Capsaicin, a pungent substance found in chili pepper exerts powerful immunostimulants which prevents the development of oral cavities. Far from ordinary SPLAT’s CHILI toothpaste also contains parsley, long know to combat the smell of garlic on the breath, thus prevents bad breath. Be warned this toothpaste will leave a slight burning after flavour! Available at RRP £5.95

SPLAT love what they do, creating innovative and natural oral care products that the consumer can trust for their little ones, family and for themselves. Their aim is to exceed expectations, with products that contain natural ingredients and really benefit the user, all while being environmentally concious. With 16 years of innovation and clinical testing behind them SPLAT’s goal is to improve the world one smile at time. Give the gift of SPLAT this Christmas to your loved ones!


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