FOCI – Wearable that boosts your focus

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FOCI – Wearable that boosts your focus

Change the Game
Focus is not about how hard you work. Focus is a skill. The skill to work smart.

Develop the Skill Of Deep Focus.

Here is a short unbox video which explains how FOCI works: 

FOCI is a thumb-sized wearable, clipping to the waist, it would be able to track emotions changes during work and help us focus better.

It has been used by 15k+ crowdfunding backers, and named ‘Top tech for the go-anywhere office’ by Financial Times. It would be a particularly thoughtful gift for students and professionals, who want to boost up their productivity for their work/learning.

Wearable that Boosts Your Focus. Clip to your waist, FOCI gets you to know every focus, distraction, stress, fatigue during work and study, and helps you cut short distractions, with gentle vibration.


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