BODY DYNAMIX ! The first & only at-home fitness program created for individuals aged 50 and older, and for those with mobility problems, injuries, or weight issues. >>

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BODY DYNAMIX ! The first & only at-home fitness program created for individuals aged 50 and older, and for those with mobility problems, injuries, or weight issues. >>


Fitness expert Debbie Siebers, creator of one of the bestselling workout DVD series worldwide, has created a new workout program for people aged 50 and older and people who want to exercise but have mobility problems, injuries, or weight issues that make exercise intimidating and/or difficult.

Body Dynamix, the low-impact, joint-friendly workout, was created specifically to strengthen muscles, improve flexibility, and prevent injury – all without breaking down the body’s joints. The program relies heavily on body-weight exercises, resistance training, and extensive stretching.

Resistance training and body-weight strength training has been scientifically proven to benefit the body in several major ways, including keeping off weight lost while exercising, improved mechanics and bone health, and improved disease prevention and overall wellness.
The Body Dynamix program was created in consultation with physical therapists to ensure that the program was as joint-friendly as possible while still maximizing efficiency.

Siebers created Body Dynamix in consultation with physical therapists for two reasons – because she had developed some limitations due to overtraining in the past, which made working out difficult, and because she’d received numerous personal requests over the years from people with similar issues.

For many the thought of starting an exercise routine is intimidating, especially to those who struggle from physical limitations or haven’t exercised in a while. Body Dynamix addresses this issue head-on, as a massive emphasis is placed on:

– No heavy lifting
– No jerky movements
– No grinding motions
– No joint discomfort

The Body Dynamix program includes 7 high-reward, joint-friendly workouts available online and on DVD, a Livati Fitness Towel for use in the routines, and a Body Dynamix Schedule that will help users organize their routines more efficiently.

Debbie Siebers is one of the most accomplished celebrity trainers in history, having previously developed some of the most successful exercise programs and co-hosted fitness television programs.

The workouts included in the Body Dynamix program allow users to exercise alongside Siebers, former co-host of FIT TV’s cooking and exercise show “Fitting It In” and the creator of the extremely successful “Slim-in-6” exercise program. One of the most accomplished professional trainers in the industry, Siebers has been described by colleagues and clients as one of the most authentic, energetic experts around.

Body Dynamix is the only fitness program developed specifically for people over 50, and those that struggle with mobility issues, and injuries. The program is the future of fitness and well-being for those later in life and those looking for a low-impact, high-reward workout!

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