Fit but Fabulous Feet .

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Fit but Fabulous Feet

Fit feet certainly go through more than the average foot does, with trainers likely being your most worn footwear. Think about how many hours your feet spend in trainers pounding the pavement or keeping the wheels churning on a bike or hitting the treadmill or cross trainer. However we don’t often tend to our feet until we realise we want to get them out in pretty sandals for summer!

All this activity can make feet a little bit worse for wear, and the hot and sweaty environment that your trainers provide can make you particularly susceptible to fungal nail infections, which are incredibly common. Further to this, most fungal infections occur as a result of the fungi that causes athlete’s foot1 and can also occur from walking bare foot in communal areas2, such as the gym changing rooms!


Dina Gohil, Mayfair Podiatrist to the stars says: ‘Many don’t realise that fungal nail is a very common condition, with one in 10 people suffering from the infection at some point in their lives. ‘Fungal nail breeds in moist and closed in environments, but ignoring the problem, will only make an infection more likely or worsen any existing infection. Sufferers should know that there are targeted treatments for fungal nail infections that do work fast to clear the infection.’

If you think you do have a fungal nail infection, and are looking for fast and effective treatment,Canespro Fungal Nail Treatment Set has a unique clinically proven mode of action and can remove the infection part of the nail in 2 – 3 weeks.

23714 Canespro CartonFrontOn (002)Dina continues: “Fungal nails are not likely to clear without any intervention. There are several options but first be sure it is a fungal infection; see a podiatrist and they can advise you further. Once the nail infection has been established home remedies as well as over the counter treatment options are favoured in conjunction with regular visits to the podiatrist for maintenance”

Canespro, RRP £29.99, available from Tesco, Asda, Morrison’s, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s and Boots Online. Canespro also have a Money Back Offer, if for any reason you’re not happy, you are welcome to claim your money back for a limited time period.







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